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Is change on the horizon for divorced American Roman Catholics?

We noted in a blog post last year the global Vatican synod comprised of about 200 bishops from across the world that focused upon a number of high-profile matters.

One of those issues was divorce, with our blog post dated October 20, 2014, stating that one topic "at the forefront of interest and concern is official church doctrine concerning divorced Catholics."

Child support: What were you accustomed to during marriage?

A recent divorce story that we pass along to readers in Georgia and elsewhere today is unquestionably interesting along several fronts.

For starters, it lends a clue as to what type of work a person might want to consider if he or she is contemplating becoming a billionaire. If that describes you, perhaps you might want to take a look at hedge funds, specifically owning one or more of them.

Boomers, divorce and retirement: a few salient points

One age group demographic that financial planners, family law researchers and certainly experienced divorce lawyers are readily focused upon when it comes to the subject of divorce and retirement savings is the 50-plus crowd.

The reason for that is, of course, evident: Older individuals have less time than do comparative youngsters to ramp up savings to recoup financial losses. They are less likely to clock as much time in the workforce going forward, contribute as much in the future toward retirement earnings or polish up their resumes to forge new careers.

Divorce and taxes: interconnectivity issues worth noting

It's an annual imprint on the American psyche, with scores of millions of Americans each year turning to recurrent and materially important subject matter just around this time.

We're talking taxes, which some people happily anticipate filing, given their expectations of a return from Uncle Sam, with others, well ….

Seeking an impressive wealth protection tool? Consider a prenup

Are you a Georgia resident who is a bit preoccupied with property-related matters as you are about to tie the marital knot?

Are you wondering about what might happen to your long-held family business, for example, in the event that -- just maybe -- your marriage fails? Is there separate property you are bringing into the marriage that you want to ensure retains that status indefinitely? Are there family heirlooms of great significance that you would dread losing under any circumstances? Do you have kids from a previous marriage that you want to leave some assets to down the road?

Parenting plans often allow for enhanced flexibility, creativity

Many things have changed materially in the family law universe in recent years.

Marital contracts -- both premarital and postnuptial agreements -- have gained real traction, for example, as increasingly more couples see the rationale underlying such documents and their strong utility as planning instruments. Family composition is ever-changing, with so-called nuclear families being augmented considerably in recent years by more blended families, extended-family units, same-sex couples, single-parent households and more.

Gay marriage tumult continues in wake of Supreme Court announcement

The ink was barely dry on national news reports just a few days ago chronicling the U.S. Supreme Court’s entry into the maelstrom that surrounds gay marriage in the United States when news regarding the same subject took center stage in one state.

That state is Alabama, with a federal judge there striking down a state ban on same-sex marriage following consideration of its relevance and legality in an adoption matter.

What happens in the family law arena of same-sex marriage rights in adjoining Alabama is relevant in Georgia for this reason: Both states are among the last holdouts in the country that still have statutory enactments rendering gay marriage unlawful within their borders. They are currently joined by only 12 other states in the union that disallow same-sex marriage.

A year of reckoning for same-sex marriages? SCOTUS to weigh in

Could this be the year -- finally -- when fundamental legal questions relating to same-sex marriage will be definitively resolved by the highest judicial tribunal in the country?

It now seems increasingly likely, given the recent announcement by the United States Supreme Court that the court will hear a case evidencing a split among the nation’s federal appellate tribunals concerning the legality of various states’ bans on same-sex marriages.

Court rulings had been consistently coming down in favor of gay marriage in the past couple years, until the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled late in 2014 that the same-sex marriage bans operative in a number of states were constitutional.

Considerations in the sensitive area of family violence

Here is a preliminary question that might logically be asked at the outset of any discussion regarding domestic violence in Georgia:

What is it?

Indeed, what behaviors might logically be considered to fall within the rubric of family violence?

As we note in an article on our website addressing domestic violence and protective orders, so-called “spouse-on-spouse” abuse spells conduct that virtually anyone will immediately identify as problematic and being at the core of what constitutes family violence.

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