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Child Custody Modifications: Pt. 1 of 3: Parental Relocation

With the increase in mobility and job insecurity in recent years, parental relocation has become a common issue for parents after a divorce. The reality is that life the circumstances of every family’s life change with some frequency, so it’s not uncommon for a custody order to become ineffective for a family only a couple years after a divorce is finalized.

However, most people in this situation do not know their rights or the procedures involved with modifying a child custody agreement. Before seeking out a modification – before a divorce even – it is helpful to have an understanding of the options and procedures for child support modifications. In this three-part series, we will discuss 1. Modifications for parental relocation, 2. Modifications when a mature child wants to live with the other parent and 3. Modifications resulting from the changing needs of the child.

Helping teens through a parental divorce

Parents of teenagers in Georgia know just how emotional their children can be at this age can be. While at the height of their need thus far to pull away from moms and dads to establish their own identities, teens simultaneously continues to need parental love, support and stability. A divorce can rock a teenager's world. How can parents help their kids at this age through such an event?

Our Family Wizard suggests that parents should make a point of breaking the news about a divorce to their teenager as a unit. They should also take great care in selecting when and where such a conversation takes place. Telling a child on the way to school one morning or even on a Sunday evening the week of finals at school would not be recommended. Instead, parents should seek a time when their teens will have some time away from school to begin to process the news.

When and how to talk about a prenup

If you have been divorced before, you know better than some other people in Georgia about just how deeply the effects of a marriage's ends can run. Even if you have never been married or divorced before, you know doubt have heard horror stories about other people's divorces. When it is time for you to get married whether for the first or a subsequent time, you should make financial conversations a priority.

Forbes explains that people no longer consider prenuptial agreements as only needed by the very wealthy or famous. Certainly as the value of your assets increases your concern for protecting them may increase as well but the truth is that any couple can benefit from a marital contract. A variety of situations may make such an agreement helpful for you. If either you or your future spouse has inherited or is set to inherit a large sum of money or other assets, a prenup can be a great way of protecting those.

Too many divorcing millennials undervalue their 401k and IRA accounts.

Many young couples don't put much value on the retirement accounts and savings that are divided in divorce. For many in their 20s and 30s, items like houses and vehicles are seen as more important than the IRAs and 401k accounts.

However, these accounts are significantly more important than many people understand. In many ways they form the foundational bedrock for long-term financial success, and it is difficult for people to recover what is lost when they let these accounts go in divorce.

Reassess your financial priorities after divorce.

Everything changes for most people during a divorce. Most people take time to reassess many aspects of their lives once they get through the divorce process. One of the most important aspects of this reassessment involves your finances.

There are a few important tips for how to recover financially after a divorce. According to a recent U.S. News article, one of the most important things you can do is rebalance your financial approach wisely.

Tips for a high-asset divorce

Are you facing an impending divorce in Georgia and know that you and your spouse have a sizeable estate that will need to be divided? If so, it will be important for you to know what pitfalls to avoid and what things to focus on in order to ensure that you do not get shortchanged in your property division settlement.

A CNN iReport notes that one of the biggest mistakes some people make is approaching a divorce from the emotional side. This can lead to many problems including making you likely to settle for just about any agreement in order to avoid conflict or just be done with the whole experience and other person. When you do this, you leave yourself open to losing out on valuable assets. A feeling of guilt over getting divorced may also lead you down this problematic path.

What should I know about a home appraisal in a divorce?

If you are part of one of the many homeowning couples in Georgia who is facing an impending divorce, it will be important for you to know about your options related to your home. First you will be tasked with deciding whether or not to keep your home or to sell it. Either way, you will likely need to have it appraised as part of your overall property division settlement. Forbes explains that all home appraisals may not be created equal.

Just like different doctors may have different approaches to treating the same condition, one home appraiser may approach a home valuation in a different manner than another appraiser might. These variances may sometimes seem small or subjective but they can add up. It is important for you to seek out an appraiser who is truly familiar with your specific market. Additionally, you will want to make sure that tax-assessed value is not confused as fair market value.

Helping young children during a divorce

Are you the divorcing or separating parent in Georgia of a child under the age of five? If so, you will want to learn how to best help your child during the transitions that he or she will be experiencing as you get separated or divorced from your child's other parent. Even with a limited ability to understand what is happening, your child will be keenly aware of the fact that life is changing.

Today's Parent explains that kids under five years old generally have little to no ability to think about the future or to connect the effects of an action to the action. They are also naturally very focused on their immediate worlds and what they experience because it is concrete to them. When you discuss any changes with your three- or four-year-old for example, you should take care to speak about those things that directly relate to your child and that he or she will experience firsthand. An example would be talking about who will pick the child up from school or who will read the child a bedtime story.

Women Seem To Be Better At Handling Their Finances After a Divorce

Surveys conducted by CPA financial advisors show that more than three quarters of retirement age divorcees could improve on the way they handle their finances. There has been a steady increase in divorce rates of couples over 50 since the 90's, which has led to more adults scrambling to achieve financial security for their retirement years.

Also revealed in these studies was the differences in the way men and women each handle their financial futures in the years immediately following divorce. The study shows that women will not only show better financial planning than men, but they will also have a better grasp on their current financial situation.

This post will discuss some of the reasons women seem better able to handle finances after divorce. 

Trends in millennial divorces

For Georgia residents of any age or generation, a divorce is generally an emotionally and a financially life-changing event. However, the way in which people in different age groups approach divorce may well be different. The millennial generation is finally coming to an age where some have not just gotten married but are actually now getting divorced.

For people in this age group, some interesting trends are being noticed. One of these is a more receptive attitude to alternatives to litigated divorce like divorce mediation. Also seeing an uptick among the millennials is the interest in identifying custody for furry, four-legged children and other pets. Prenuptial agreements may also be more enticing to people in this generation.

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