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In a military divorce, a service pension can be vitally important

As noted in a recent media report, the biggest battle some military servicemembers ever face has nothing to do with foreign enemies of the United States. Rather, it is focused upon the disposition of a hard-earned military pension during the divorce process.

Of course, divorcing spouses of servicemembers -- whether they themselves served in the military or not -- often have equally weighty concerns regarding the ultimate division of assets in a military divorce.

Same issues for all divorcing age groups? Not hardly

We have commented in past select blog posts on the organic nature of divorce and the highly variable issues that might feature in a given case in Georgia or elsewhere.

As we have noted, the term "boilerplate" is not an apt depiction for divorce generally, which differs in every instance and materially in high numbers of cases. Quite frankly, that variability is a fundamental reason why many divorcing couples would find going it alone in a divorce with a do-it-yourself kit containing standard inclusions to be a flatly useless endeavor.

An invaluable divorce option for some couples: mediated divorce

We noted in our immediately preceding blog post that, "There are alternatives to marriage-ending adversarialism played out in a courtroom."

As we stated in our May 8 entry, one of those options is mediated divorce, which can offer couples a number of distinct benefits compared with the traditional take-it-to-court approach in given cases.

Litigated divorce in court not for everyone: there are options

Say that you and your spouse are seeking a Georgia divorce. Both of you have made good-faith efforts to make your marriage work, but have come to the firm realization that such is not to be the case.

And you have some issues that you fear might be problematic -- or at least somewhat difficult to resolve -- in the divorce process.

Special divorce considerations for high-profile, wealthy couples

Why might ultra-wealthy families in Georgia and elsewhere seek to avail themselves of a so-called "alternative dispute resolution" process rather than proceeding to a courtroom to effect a divorce?

The acronym ADR is often used as a shorthand to denote family law processes such as divorce mediation or collaborative divorce, which are avenues that a couple seeking to divorce can take rather than having a family law judge issue deadlines and orders in their dissolution matter.

Focus: on husband-wife business teams: It's key to plan ahead

"No couple contemplates splitting the baby."

So says Frank Jaffe, a certified financial planner who notes that, when about to establish a husband-wife business enterprise, few couples think of anything other than how they might best grow their operation and prosper over the long term.

Georgia attorney general weighs in on same-sex marriage

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens spoke yesterday at the Atlanta Press Club, and what he had to say about gay marriage was certainly interesting.

First, we offer up a bit of background information to provide a relevant framework for Olens' comments. Given the recent flurry of activities on the same-sex marriage front nationally, some of our readers might appreciate that.

Can Europe teach the United States something about child support?

As regards payment of child support, relevant laws across the United States stand out as being comparatively rigid and severe when examined alongside the legislation that governs this important area of family law in many other countries.

We should be paying closer attention to that, argues the writer of an article focusing upon child support policies and alternative models. In fact, notes the author of a child support-related column in the media outlet ThinkProgress, American officials might profitably look to Europe for salutary ideas on how to best ensure support payments and administer support programs equitably and with optimal efficiency.

Divorce can be difficult, but it can make you stronger

Divorce does not always get the respect it deserves. It is a major life decision, which means that it can be emotional, stressful and confusing. The divorce process is not easy for everyone. That is true, but many people look back on the experience and realize it was the best decision they could have made.

Going through a divorce can act as a wake-up call, help people rediscover who they are and even help them learn a few new things. We can use the lyrics to Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger,” to sum up the benefits pretty well.

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