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The psychology of property division is crucial to the process

Property division is a critical factor in every divorce, and sometimes it can be one of the most difficult and argument-inducing factors as well. The financial accounts; the money; the property, such as homes or land; the objects, such as furniture and vehicles; all of these things get thrown on the chopping block and the two splitting spouses need to work it out.

Now, in many cases, the spouses are able to agree on some of the assets right away, which is good. However, many times the spouses can't agree on who deserves what share of a certain asset. This can lead to arguing and legal action, neither of which is necessarily productive for the spouses.

Finding gratitude during post-divorce holiday hardship

Thanksgiving is coming up next week, which means that the holiday season is about to begin in a very big way. Holidays are often a difficult time when you are in the midst of a divorce or have just completed one. If you have children and share child custody with your ex, holidays can be difficult both emotionally and logistically.

A recent online article by writer and television personality Laura Lifshitz discusses a reality that many divorced parents face around the holidays. Her words are refreshing, however, because she manages to express gratitude for situations in which many people would see only hardship.

Tips for buying a new house after divorce

If you or your spouse has decided to end the marriage, you have many decisions to make. One of the most pressing questions is where to live.

Buying your own house may seem like a logical choice. However, it may be more challenging than you think to obtain a home loan.

An article by U.S. News & World Report provides a few good tips about how to qualify for a mortgage on your own after your Georgia divorce.

What now, in wake of “dramatic” same-sex marriage ruling?

The battle over same-sex marriage continues.

In what a recent media article termed a “dramatic ruling,” one of the country’s federal appeals courts held last week that various existing bans on gay marriage in states under its appellate jurisdiction are constitutional and can remain intact.

That ruling contrasts mightily with recent judicial outcomes in other federal circuits, where courts ruled such bans are unconstitutional and must be overturned.

In a divorce-related move, don’t argue over the pots and pans

Several commentators in a recent family law-related article note the obvious disconnect that features for many people when they move out of a family home and begin a new journey elsewhere.

In many instances, the very prospect can seem centrally marked by ambiguity. On the one hand, there are all those positive things that many people associate with a move: adventure, a fresh start, a rekindling of interests, new friends and so forth.

On the other hand, though, moves -- which are big deals in any case -- can seem fraught with peril and even a bit overwhelming for the personal stresses they elicit. The laundry list of things to timely attend to can be both complex and lengthy. Sort and pack items. Solicit help from friends. Contact a moving company. Deal with service providers -- mail, electric, garbage, cable, phone -- relevant to both the old and new address. Argue with a divorcing or just-divorced spouse about personal property.

Food for thought: interesting data on marital relations, divorce

In a country as diverse as the United States, it seems wholly unsurprising that a wealth of truly interesting information exists concerning marriage and divorce.

Courtesy of a media report chronicling noteworthy marriage/divorce findings, we pass some of that information along to our readers in the Atlanta area and throughout the rest of Georgia.

Truly, some of what follows seems instantly relevant and even significant.

Who should the kids spend Halloween with?

Halloween is truly a holiday for the kids. Between the dressing up in costumes and going door-to-door for candy, for many children it is the highlight of their fall. In order for kids to enjoy the holiday though, divorced parents need to be on the same page when it comes to celebrating. 

Parents in Georgia may have a parenting plan that clearly lays out how Halloween is to be spent. However, some may not have addressed Halloween in these plans and are now scrambling, trying to figure out how to best spend the holiday. Recently, an article titled "Halloween Trick or Treat Tips for Parents With Kids of Divorce" was posted online. The author addresses how to work with ex-spouses to make the holiday all about the kids and not about the issues two parents may have with each other.

Child custody in Georgia: some central considerations

At first blush, some aspects of Georgia’s child custody laws might seem a bit complex to a reader trying to grapple with central terms and concepts set out in the state’s relevant statutory enactments.

That is immediately understandable, given the specialized vernacular associated with many family law considerations.

Take child custodial rights, for example, where Georgia law -- along with that of many other states -- makes reference to various forms of custody. A lay person seeking an immediate and comprehensive understanding of Georgia law on custody might be a bit stymied by references to physical custody, legal custody, sole custody and joint custody.

Roman Catholic church statements raise, dash hopes of gays

At a high policy level, the Roman Catholic Church just concluded a quite noteworthy week, with both an interim report and then a final document on the same subject matter issuing following a days’-long mass meeting of about 200 bishops from around the globe.

Based on perusal of myriad media reports describing happenings last week in Rome, Church authorities at the highest level of governance are far from unified on fundamentally important matters regarding central tenets of Catholic doctrine that govern parishioners across the world, including in Georgia.

Most centrally, those matters relate to the Church’s stance toward the rights -- if any -- of same-sex Christian couples seeking a closer relationship with the Church. Also at the forefront of interest and concern is official doctrine concerning divorced Catholics and practitioners of the faith who have remarried in civil ceremonies.

Some sensible tips for older divorcing parties

Here's a divorce scenario with real-life implications in Georgia or elsewhere in the country.

In deciding how to distribute marital assets in their dissolution, a couple ultimately determines that one spouse will keep the monies saved in a retirement plan, with the other becoming sole owner of the family home. Both assets are nearly identical in value when the divorce decree is finalized.

In the years following the divorce, the retirement plan balloons in value, reaping the benefits of strong tailwinds in the financial markets. Conversely, the value of the home plummets, owing to myriad pressures in the housing industry.

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