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Georgia attorney general weighs in on same-sex marriage

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens spoke yesterday at the Atlanta Press Club, and what he had to say about gay marriage was certainly interesting.

First, we offer up a bit of background information to provide a relevant framework for Olens' comments. Given the recent flurry of activities on the same-sex marriage front nationally, some of our readers might appreciate that.

Can Europe teach the United States something about child support?

As regards payment of child support, relevant laws across the United States stand out as being comparatively rigid and severe when examined alongside the legislation that governs this important area of family law in many other countries.

We should be paying closer attention to that, argues the writer of an article focusing upon child support policies and alternative models. In fact, notes the author of a child support-related column in the media outlet ThinkProgress, American officials might profitably look to Europe for salutary ideas on how to best ensure support payments and administer support programs equitably and with optimal efficiency.

Divorce can be difficult, but it can make you stronger

Divorce does not always get the respect it deserves. It is a major life decision, which means that it can be emotional, stressful and confusing. The divorce process is not easy for everyone. That is true, but many people look back on the experience and realize it was the best decision they could have made.

Going through a divorce can act as a wake-up call, help people rediscover who they are and even help them learn a few new things. We can use the lyrics to Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger,” to sum up the benefits pretty well.

After divorce, focus on your credit score

Many people in Georgia are aware of the fact that divorce can put a strain on your finances. Going from two salaries to one is enough to prompt some re-budgeting for most people. And while couples going through a divorce are often very focused on dividing their assets -- including bank accounts -- and determining alimony, focusing on credit often falls to the back burner.

Your credit score, however, can be a major factor in setting the tone for your life after divorce.

What is a postnuptial agreement? Might it make sense for you?

OK, so you and the spouse took a pass at executing a prenuptial agreement prior to your marriage a few years ago.

Join the party. A lot of other about-to-marry couples in Georgia and nationally similarly balk at signing such a contract prior to their nuptials. Truth be told, many soon-to-be newlyweds hesitate to even broach the subject of a marital contract, thinking it might poison that love-is forever feeling that they hope is, well, forever.

Child custody: international issues can breed layered complexity

For sheer complexity in family law, few things would seem to rival a global child custody dispute, especially one involving the kidnapping of a child by one parent who leaves the United States and vows to keep the child outside the country indefinitely.

What can a parent remaining in the United States do to recover a son or daughter who has been secreted away to a foreign country?

Military child care hailed as industry model of excellence

Even though the members of the United States armed forces do exceptional work promoting the national interest and safeguarding the country against global threats, the military as an institution nonetheless suffers an occasional black eye for reported shortcomings in various spheres.

Sexual assault has been one prominent area of concern, for example, with critics -- including a number of national legislators -- pointing to sex crimes within the military as a persistent problem of troubling scope. Another concern has centered on the laxity of quality health care provided the nation's vets. Still another has focused on incomes that materially challenge the ability of some military families to make ends meet.

Time to revisit what you think you know about prenups?

Many people who think about prenuptial agreements -- if they ever do think about prenups -- might be inclined to regard them in age-old and stereotypical ways.

As in the way they might typically be portrayed in a movie, for example.

Post-divorce financial life: prepare for it during divorce

That above headline admonition seems rather obvious and self-explanatory, doesn't it?

Written any number of ways, its central message is this: if you're presently involved in divorce negotiations in Georgia or elsewhere, look past the drying ink on the divorce decree as you're working your way through dissolution-related money matters.

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