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Is a private investigator needed in divorce cases?

If you are considering a divorce or entering into the divorce process, you might be wondering whether you need to work with a private investigator as part of your divorce.

Many people are reluctant to hire private investigators. There have been many television and movie representations of PIs that are less than savory, so this reluctance makes sense. However, if you work with an experienced lawyer and make smart decisions, a PI can be a helpful resource in your divorce matter.

Your conduct during divorce will have consequences.

Be proud of your conduct during your divorce, you may very well have to answer for it in court.

Most people realize that it is important to be on your best behavior before and during divorce proceedings. During the process of divorce, you probably know intuitively that it is not smart to make large, irresponsible purchase and to be careful with your public appearance.

Low contribution to the marital pool prompts new division deal

"Your results may vary." Readers will recognize that as a disclaimer on just about every ad they see for any weight-loss program. Divorce is not about weight loss, but in some cases, analogies might exist. Dissolving a marriage can be difficult and emotionally challenging. And under Georgia's model of equitable distribution, views on what is fair can differ. Some could feel they've lost more than others.

What prompts this observation is a news item on a divorce from across the pond. The reason it is of interest is the perspective it offers on the issue of equitable division and how social changes are influencing legal decisions.

Family Law Issues Affecting the LGBT Community

Same-sex marriage was legalized at the federal level in 2015. This sweeping legalization is certainly a means of celebration for the LGBT community, and while same-sex couples can now get married in any state, they may hit some snags when it comes to divorce. This is largely because this change of law is still trickling down to the state level, and some people who married in one state but were not recognized as married in other states are encountering red tape when trying to end their unions.

Before the Change in Marriage Law

Discussing future property division issues today tends to focus on the finery and fun of weddings, with articles about rings, dresses, honeymoons and more. But sometimes the site addresses topics that are not always easy for couples to talk over as they prepare for their big day.

A recent example can be found in an article dispensing advice on how engaged couples can have a conversation about prenuptial agreements that are designed to reduce conflicts in divorce over property division. poses a good question: "what is sexy or romantic about deciding how you'll divide your assets in the event of a divorce?"

On equitable distribution, and what it means for Georgia divorcees

Property division can be a contentious issue in any divorce. When two spouses have to find a way to split up the value of a home, or a car, or prized furniture and other assets, it can be a very difficult task -- especially with something as stressful as a divorce hanging over the entire discussion.

There are two ways that states in the U.S. deal with property division: community property and equitable distribution. Community property is used by only a handful of states, most of which are in the western part of the country. This process of property division states that each spouse has a 50 percent stake in any asset that was garnered during the marriage. How each state defines what property is "marital property" and a piece of "separate property" will change from state to state.

Expediting the Name Change Process after Divorce

There are so many complicated details that stem from the divorce process. Anyone facing a divorce can be overwhelmed by the division of assets, child support and custody issues and a range of other complications.

One of the seemingly smaller details than can be easily overlooked during the divorce process for many women - and for some men, as well - is the name change. It is important to handle the name change process well to minimize the administrative hassle and stress involved.

Child Custody Modifications: Pt. 3 of 3: Changing Needs of the Child

In part three of our three-part exploration of child custody modifications, we will look at the changing needs of the child. Of course, the needs of the child are the most important consideration in custody modifications, but most modification petitions are a result of something changing with the parents (changes in living arrangements, changes in a parent's ability to care for a child, relocations, etc.).

However, there are custody modification situations stemming from a significant change in the child's circumstances. Similar to the other modification situations, it is important to know the laws and processes involved in Georgia.

Child Custody Modifications: Pt. 2 of 3: Child Choice

In a recent blog, we discussed child custody modifications for parental relocation. When a parent moves to another location, it changes the details of custody and visitation and often requires a modification of custody and visitation.

Another common situation requiring child custody modifications involves the child's choice. In some cases, a child will want to live with the other parent. When this happens, it is important to know how much weight the child's opinion should have and how to best proceed.

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