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Myriad reasons for why couples slog it out in unhappy marriages

You -- and perhaps your partner, as well -- might flatly know that your marriage is a failed enterprise, despite your good-faith efforts over a sustained period to make it work.

So, you resolve to divorce, but, pursuant to that decision, take note of all the couples you know that seem to be doing just fine in their partnerships. Many of them might even seem routinely blissful.

Is something wrong with you? Why is your marriage unhappy and destined for closure when so many people around you seem to be thriving in their married unions?

Be mindful of protecting that inheritance following marriage

You learn to share as a kid. You might vaguely remember back to how difficult that seemed at times, but you persevered and figured it out.

You had to; it’s simply part and parcel of growing up.

And it certainly extends to adulthood. In fact, sharing is arguably what marriage is centrally about, with each party following betrothal learning to think about material things less in terms of “what’s mine” and more in terms of “what’s ours.”

That generally applies to the family home, the cars, the money that a couple works hard to earn to shelter themselves in retirement, and so forth.

Making sure all child support bases are covered under Georgia law

Some might consider it crass to focus so much divorce discussion around money. It's an emotional matter, after all. But the reality for Georgia couples going through the process is that the financial aspects pose perhaps the greatest stumbling blocks to bringing a marriage to an end. And where children are involved, the issues have a way of being magnified.

Not only do the parents have to make the adjustments of splitting their combined incomes. They have to work through how to cover the expenses of living in two separate households. And every child dependent they share has to be looked after as well. To be sure everyone is treated fairly, and most especially that the children's best interests are taken into account, due attention to finances is a must.

The current divorce rate is a lot lower than you might think

If you were asked to guess the divorce rate in this country, what would you say? Chances are good that you’d say something like “half of all marriages end in divorce.” This is a heavily cited statistic, and one that is often used to bolster arguments about the decay of “family values.”

But the statistic is also untrue. There was a time when the divorce rate reached somewhere around 50 percent. But a close look at statistics actually reveals that divorce rates have been declining since their peak in the early 1980s. The decline has been consistent enough that if trends continue, we may soon reach a point at which “two-thirds of marriages will never involve a divorce,” according to a recent news article.

Yes, many family law terms, concepts can require some explanation

As a family law firm, we won’t seek to hide the reality that many terms that centrally mark our profession can be more than a bit slippery and confusing.

In fact, we will readily admit it. Legal language can be flatly bewildering to clients, which is why we have stated on our website that “we will take the time to explain” any term or concept that applies in a given case.

Take the term “equitable distribution,” for example. Many lay persons might have a very solid grasp of what that might typically mean in a generic sense, but there is certainly no reason to expect them to note its singular meaning in a family law context.

A new flexibility defines today's custody, parenting plans

Most judges and lawyers of a certain vintage in Georgia and elsewhere can readily harken back to times when child custody outcomes were often far different from what is the case these days.

In bygone decades, there was not near as much fluidity and mobility in the workplace. Typically, dads went off to work and moms stayed at home, running the household and tending to the children.

Custody outcomes generally reflected that gender-based reality and sexual stratification of the times, as we pointed out in an article on our website discussing divorce and child custody. As we noted therein, judges were often inclined -- almost reflexively so -- to award custody of the kids to the mother and regard the father as a conduit for support payments, granting him scheduled visitation rights.

The psychology of property division is crucial to the process

Property division is a critical factor in every divorce, and sometimes it can be one of the most difficult and argument-inducing factors as well. The financial accounts; the money; the property, such as homes or land; the objects, such as furniture and vehicles; all of these things get thrown on the chopping block and the two splitting spouses need to work it out.

Now, in many cases, the spouses are able to agree on some of the assets right away, which is good. However, many times the spouses can't agree on who deserves what share of a certain asset. This can lead to arguing and legal action, neither of which is necessarily productive for the spouses.

Finding gratitude during post-divorce holiday hardship

Thanksgiving is coming up next week, which means that the holiday season is about to begin in a very big way. Holidays are often a difficult time when you are in the midst of a divorce or have just completed one. If you have children and share child custody with your ex, holidays can be difficult both emotionally and logistically.

A recent online article by writer and television personality Laura Lifshitz discusses a reality that many divorced parents face around the holidays. Her words are refreshing, however, because she manages to express gratitude for situations in which many people would see only hardship.

Tips for buying a new house after divorce

If you or your spouse has decided to end the marriage, you have many decisions to make. One of the most pressing questions is where to live.

Buying your own house may seem like a logical choice. However, it may be more challenging than you think to obtain a home loan.

An article by U.S. News & World Report provides a few good tips about how to qualify for a mortgage on your own after your Georgia divorce.

What now, in wake of “dramatic” same-sex marriage ruling?

The battle over same-sex marriage continues.

In what a recent media article termed a “dramatic ruling,” one of the country’s federal appeals courts held last week that various existing bans on gay marriage in states under its appellate jurisdiction are constitutional and can remain intact.

That ruling contrasts mightily with recent judicial outcomes in other federal circuits, where courts ruled such bans are unconstitutional and must be overturned.

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