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How can grandparents in Georgia secure visitation rights?

When a couple makes the decision to divorce, it goes without saying that it will prove to be difficult for both them and their children, as the months ahead will be filled with significant change and considerable uncertainty.

What sometimes gets overlooked, however, is that this difficulty is often not just confined to the immediate family, as grandparents are also left to cope with this significant change and the unenviable uncertainty as to whether they will be able to continue seeing their grandchildren.

What do people really think about the nation's child support models?

In a post last week, our blog spent some time discussing the various models used by the 50 states in calculating child support. To recap, Georgia and 37 other states use the income shares model, which calls for the respective income of the custodial and the noncustodial parent to be considered in determining the amount of child support.

Interestingly enough, a recently published study by researchers at Arizona State University designed to uncover more about public attitudes toward this and the other child support models made some very surprising discoveries.

Why married couples may want to consider postnuptial agreements

While more couples are becoming open to the idea of executing a prenuptial agreement, others remain reluctant to take this step. Here, this reluctance may stem from the practical belief that they have nothing worth protecting to the romantic (and perhaps somewhat naïve) belief that divorce will never enter the equation.

What happens, however, if a couple has second thoughts about their decision not to execute a prenuptial agreement soon after the wedding or even many years down the road? Are they officially out of luck?

How is child support calculated among the 50 states?

It may come as a surprise, but one of the more confusing issues to emerge for many people going through a divorce is not property division or alimony, but rather child support.

This confusion can typically be attributed to the seemingly complex calculations that must be performed, the lengthy guidelines that must be consulted and the otherwise arcane language employed by the courts in these matters.

Are 'pet prenups' the next big thing?

Attitudes toward prenuptial agreements have undergone a remarkable transformation over the last decade, as more and more people have started to see them as a valuable tool that can save them time, money and energy in the event of a divorce as opposed to just a tacit acknowledgement that their marriage is destined for failure.

While it's certainly encouraging to see more soon-to-be spouses turning to prenuptials to establish expectations concerning everything from child support and child custody to property division and alimony, it's worth noting that a growing number of people are now taking things one step further by executing a specialized type of prenup that deals exclusively with their pets.

Hidden assets in a divorce an obvious no-no; how to find them

If you see evidence relating to a vacation home you knew nothing about during the lead up to your divorce and pursuant to examining various documents your spouse has been keeping in a drawer, might it be time to hire a forensic accountant?


Pre-divorce considerations, post-dissolution realities

For myriad reasons, people in failing marriages in Georgia and elsewhere often spend much time -- sometimes years -- continuing to languish in their unhappy union while simultaneously thinking of making positive changes.

Friends and neighbors might talk. Going it alone would be too scary. The disruptions related to and following a divorce would be too much for the kids. The guilt and sense of failure following a signature on a divorce decree would be overwhelming and make a mockery of that earlier signature on a wedding license and the "til death do us part" proclamation that preceded it.

In a military divorce, a service pension can be vitally important

As noted in a recent media report, the biggest battle some military servicemembers ever face has nothing to do with foreign enemies of the United States. Rather, it is focused upon the disposition of a hard-earned military pension during the divorce process.

Of course, divorcing spouses of servicemembers -- whether they themselves served in the military or not -- often have equally weighty concerns regarding the ultimate division of assets in a military divorce.

Same issues for all divorcing age groups? Not hardly

We have commented in past select blog posts on the organic nature of divorce and the highly variable issues that might feature in a given case in Georgia or elsewhere.

As we have noted, the term "boilerplate" is not an apt depiction for divorce generally, which differs in every instance and materially in high numbers of cases. Quite frankly, that variability is a fundamental reason why many divorcing couples would find going it alone in a divorce with a do-it-yourself kit containing standard inclusions to be a flatly useless endeavor.

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