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Time to revisit what you think you know about prenups?

Many people who think about prenuptial agreements -- if they ever do think about prenups -- might be inclined to regard them in age-old and stereotypical ways.

As in the way they might typically be portrayed in a movie, for example.

Post-divorce financial life: prepare for it during divorce

That above headline admonition seems rather obvious and self-explanatory, doesn't it?

Written any number of ways, its central message is this: if you're presently involved in divorce negotiations in Georgia or elsewhere, look past the drying ink on the divorce decree as you're working your way through dissolution-related money matters.

Domestic violence: dealing with a pernicious evil

One tangent of family law that often deals with sad realities in Georgia, and nationally, is domestic violence, which is flatly egalitarian in that abuse is inflicted on victims of every demographical group.

A proven and empathetic family law firm is well attuned to abuse-related concerns and considerations that require input from law enforcement personnel and/or the courts.

Divorce behavior: with kids in mind, a few thoughtful comments

Hero or cad. Nurturer or despoiler. Team builder or relationship wrecker.

Such dichotomies logically emerge for many couples during divorce negotiations and following the execution of a divorce decree.

Feelings are hurt. Bridges are burnt. Things are obviously tense between the divorcing or just-divorced parties -- after all, marital dissolution is the flip side of that initial walk down the aisle and all its beckoning potential.

A few things to know about child support in Georgia

An interesting story regarding unclaimed tax refunds has relevance to a primary family law concern, and we pass it along for our readers as a segue to a brief focus on Georgia child support.

Reportedly, about $1 billion is currently sitting with the IRS as money owed to taxpayers across the country who haven't formally claimed their entitlements.

Is change on the horizon for divorced American Roman Catholics?

We noted in a blog post last year the global Vatican synod comprised of about 200 bishops from across the world that focused upon a number of high-profile matters.

One of those issues was divorce, with our blog post dated October 20, 2014, stating that one topic "at the forefront of interest and concern is official church doctrine concerning divorced Catholics."

Child support: What were you accustomed to during marriage?

A recent divorce story that we pass along to readers in Georgia and elsewhere today is unquestionably interesting along several fronts.

For starters, it lends a clue as to what type of work a person might want to consider if he or she is contemplating becoming a billionaire. If that describes you, perhaps you might want to take a look at hedge funds, specifically owning one or more of them.

Boomers, divorce and retirement: a few salient points

One age group demographic that financial planners, family law researchers and certainly experienced divorce lawyers are readily focused upon when it comes to the subject of divorce and retirement savings is the 50-plus crowd.

The reason for that is, of course, evident: Older individuals have less time than do comparative youngsters to ramp up savings to recoup financial losses. They are less likely to clock as much time in the workforce going forward, contribute as much in the future toward retirement earnings or polish up their resumes to forge new careers.

Divorce and taxes: interconnectivity issues worth noting

It's an annual imprint on the American psyche, with scores of millions of Americans each year turning to recurrent and materially important subject matter just around this time.

We're talking taxes, which some people happily anticipate filing, given their expectations of a return from Uncle Sam, with others, well ….

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