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Will uncovering infidelity have any impact on a divorce?

Over the last week, the Internet has been abuzz over the decision by a group of hackers to publish the email addresses of 37 million people who had accounts on the website Ashley Madison. For those unfamiliar with this website, it is essentially a discreet online forum designed to facilitate extramarital affairs in exchange for a subscription fee.

In the aftermath of this mass email leak, many divorce attorneys across the country have been reporting a spike in calls to their offices. While it's certainly understandable why a spouse would want to take such a step, it's important to know that this revelation of infidelity, however galling, may not necessarily may not have any appreciable impact on any subsequent divorce.

Why is the legitimacy of Fulton County's Family Court being questioned?

It's not often that family law cases here in Georgia make national headlines, but thanks to a recently filed petition in the ongoing divorce litigation involving author and socialite Danielle Rollins, and her ex-husband Glen Rollins, the heir to the Orkin Pest Control fortune, legal circles across the nation are now buzzing.

Indeed, the petition, filed by Danielle Rollins' attorneys, calls the very legitimacy of the Family Division of the Fulton County Superior Court into question.

Child custody, grandparents and the bests interests standard

The best interests of the child, as readers may know, is an important consideration in custody determinations. In fact, it is a central consideration. But, as s recent Georgia case illustrates, there are limits on the application of the best interest standard.

The case involves a decision delivered by the Georgia Supreme Court in which a grandmother who had been her grandson’s primary caregiver was denied a request for joint custody with her former son-in-law. That decision was made after the father was deemed the only parent fit to have custody, while the grandmother was granted visitation rights and the right to be consulted in matters regarding the child’s health and education. The arrangement is known as joint legal custody.  

Why are attorneys so lukewarm about 'lifestyle clauses' in prenups?

If an engaged friend or family member was to inform you of their intention to execute a prenuptial agreement, chances are good that you wouldn't have too much of a reaction. That's largely because society as a whole has become far more accepting of these legally binding documents and the peace of mind they can grant to couples about important issues like property division and alimony.

If, however, a friend or family member was to inform you of their intention to include so-called lifestyle clauses in their prenuptial agreement, chances are you might have a completely different reaction, including confusion or perhaps even revulsion.  

The benefits of putting a forensic accountant on your legal team

Property division. Considered one of the worst parts of the divorce process, it is oftentimes accompanied by pointed accusations and considerable amounts of stress. This is especially true if a divorcing couple has been married for several decades or have large assets that may be incredibly difficult to divide.

But what can really make property division challenging is if a spouse suspects that their partner may be lying about where assets are or covering up the true amount of assets in the couple's possession. In situations where a couple owns a business together, it may be feared that one spouse will somehow devalue the company in order to reduce what their partner will receive in the divorce settlement.

How convenience stores are improving child support collection

Agencies across the nation -- including here in Georgia -- have made remarkable strides over the last several decades in expanding the child support payment options available to parents. Indeed, in addition to more traditional methods such as in-person payments and payments by mail or over the phone, parents can now rely on auto deductions from their paychecks and online payment portals.

As much as all this has served to facilitate child support payments, agencies are nevertheless always on the lookout for new ways to increase collections.

Can a postnuptial agreement be used to save a marriage?

In a previous post, we discussed how spouses in subsequent marriages looking to preserve assets to pass on to their children, spouses who have sacrificed careers to raise a family and spouses whose family-owned business has seen considerable growth are all viable candidates for executing postnuptial agreements.

To recap, postnuptial agreements enable married couples to reach mutually acceptable solutions regarding such important issues as alimony, property division, child support and child support, thereby ensuring that any future divorce will proceed exactly as planned and without a significant investment of time, money and energy.

There's an app for that -- including divorce-related issues

Most of us likely can't imagine going more than an hour without accessing the Internet thanks to our smartphones, laptops and seemingly constant WiFi connection. While we would prefer to think that we are harnessing this technology for purely productive purposes, the truth is that we do spend a lot of time just indulging our online interests, whether it's constantly checking the news stream or updating our social media accounts.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, it's important that we don't manage to overlook some of the lesser-known yet incredibly valuable services and tools available on the Web, particularly those related to the area of divorce.

Divorce attorneys attuned to the unique circumstances of pro athletes

Most people think that the lives of professional athletes are something to be envied, complete with great wealth, worldwide fame and, of course, glory on the court, diamond, field, course or rink.

While it's true that being a professional athlete does afford certain advantages, it's important for people to understand that this wealth, fame and glory is the product of hard work and tremendous personal sacrifice.

Research uncovers significant shift in divorce trends

The longstanding theory when it comes to the ages at which couples are most likely to divorce is that those who tied the knot later in life are far more likely to stay married than their younger counterparts.

Interestingly enough, however, a professor at the University of Utah recently discovered that this may no longer be the case.

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