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Divorce rates increasing for 50+ demographic

More than any other time in history, American adults have freedom and possibility in their lives that last to a much later age. Well into their fifties and beyond, Americans are able to enjoy new hobbies, new job prospects and other important adventures.

Raising Healthy, Happy Children After Divorce

For divorcing parents, the children are perhaps the most important consideration. In addition to figuring out a parenting plan that works for both parties, as well as dividing assets, handling child support and spousal support issues, parents need to consider how to take care of their children.

What to do when your divorce property is a liability not an asset

Usually people think about their homes as one of the most important assets to divide in their divorces. However, it is all too common for people to be in arrears on their payments and to be facing the potential for foreclosure.

New app to tell if spouse is cheating: Good idea?

The issue of infidelity is a big one for many couples seeking divorce. In fact, many spouses would want to stay together in almost any situation except infidelity from their partners. It’s one of the most important issues to the majority of married people.

Robot lawyers handling your divorce?

New tech innovations appear in every field on a daily basis. These innovations work to simplify and streamline our day to day process. These technologies have been steadily taking on more important tasks in our lives as we advance in technological knowledge.

Do YOU need a prenuptial agreement?

For years most attorneys, law firms and everyone else out on the internet seemed to be in agreement that if you are entering into a marriage, you should have a prenuptial agreement.IN more recent years, however, this opinion is starting to change in many circles. Some purported experts are downplaying the value of prenuptial agreements for most people, minimizing the probability of divorces and limiting the scope of people who are likely to need one.

Skyrocketing Bitcoin increases concerns, scrutiny in divorce

At the beginning of 2017, the digital currency Bitcoin was selling for less than $1,000. Today, as this is being written, one Bitcoin is going for more than $16,000. Earlier this month, it topped $18,000. The year-long surge in value has attracted attention for the cryptocurrency and its possible uses.

Basic requirements for a parenting plan in Georgia

The law in Georgia is pretty clear when it comes to most issues related to divorce, separation and co-parenting. However, like most statutes, the rules governing these issues in Georgia can be a bit difficult to understand, especially for people without legal training and experience.

Make sure your parenting plan covers custody for holiday seasons

This is the time of year when a lot of newly divorced parents realize – to their dismay – that they did not adequately account for the holidays on their parenting plans. Unfortunately, the issue of who gets the children for which holidays can become much more complicated than it needs to be.

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