The Divorce Help You Need In Cobb County

Unfortunately, Georgia has an unusually high divorce rate. According to U.S. News, Georgia had the seventh-highest divorce rate in the nation in 2017.* Cobb County, and Marietta in particular, is no different. If you are seeking a divorce in Cobb County, it is important to work a team of attorneys who have experience and can help you through the process.

At The Siemon Law Firm, we serve clients throughout Cobb County from our Marietta office. We focus on providing the highest level of legal service, backed by our experience and knowledge, and giving each of our clients personalized attention. Your legal needs will come first with us.

A Strong Strategic Approach For All Cases

Our lawyers handle all types of divorce matters, from the simplest noncontested divorces to the most complex divorces involving significant assets and property division concerns. For all of the cases we handle, our lawyers create a sound legal strategy, based on the client’s specific goals and needs, in order to provide the best, most efficient legal results possible.

For cases involving complex asset and debt division, we use our knowledge and experience to distinguish between marital assets and individual assets, to valuate each asset accurately and to strategically fight for the assets that are most important to you.

We also have experience uncovering hidden assets to make sure that all of the property involved in a divorce is properly accounted for and equitably divided.

Handling Your Divorce In The Way That Works Best For You

While some contentious divorces do require litigation, the majority can be resolved through mediation and other nonlitigious means. Our attorneys will work with you to determine the best approach for your case.

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