Help For Child Support Issues In Cobb County

One piece of advice we can give confidently to any parent who is facing a divorce or separation: do not handle your child support proceedings alone. It is critical to work with a team of experienced lawyers who understand the complex child support laws in Georgia and who know how to fight to protect your rights.

At The Siemon Law Firm, we have a wealth of experience representing clients in all matters related to child support. From our new office in Marietta, Georgia, we represent clients throughout Cobb County.

The Child Support Guidelines in Georgia can be extremely complicated, but our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Walking You Through Every Step Of The Process

In Cobb County – as in all of Georgia – there is a process to follow to determine child support payments, and our lawyers will walk you through every step.

  • Initial calculation: The Georgia Child Support Guidelines make it relatively simple to get the initial calculation. The biggest challenge here usually involves obtaining the proper documentation from both parties to get an accurate view of the income, expenses and debts involved.
  • Deviations: Although the initial calculation is relatively simple, there are many factors that lead to deviations from the calculation proposed by the guidelines. Issues like special needs children, unique child custody and visitation arrangements, and uniquely challenging high-asset divorce negotiations can all complicate the proceedings and result in deviations by the court.
  • Enforcement: The judge making a specific determination or signing a support agreement is not the end of the story. The paying spouse still has to pay the required amount every month.
  • Modifications: In many cases, career and income changes or changes in the financial needs of the child will result in the need for a support modification.

We represent clients throughout all of these stages in the process, using our unique experience to protect our clients’ rights.

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