Tactful ways to discuss prenuptial agreements

| Oct 19, 2020 | Family Law |

Getting engaged is a big step in your relationship, and it can be quite romantic. However, there is something less romantic that you may need to discuss during this time: a prenuptial agreement.

Talking about prenuptial agreements can be uncomfortable, but there are tactful ways to approach this conversation.

Take your time

Too often, people rush through the conversation and make the topic seem insignificant so that it is easier to talk about. However, a prenuptial agreement is a legal agreement with real stakes.

Thus, it would be best if you gave yourself time to have a thorough conversation. Don’t bring it up five minutes before you are heading out the door to dinner; don’t wait until a few days before your wedding. Instead, talk about it long before the wedding to give yourselves time to ask questions, consult your attorneys and discuss terms. You can also take time to explore the rules for prenuptial agreements in Georgia to help you prepare.

Be open and honest

Whether you are discussing your motivations behind a prenup or the property you wish to protect, being honest will be critical.

Deception can cause several problems when it comes to prenups. It can make the document invalid if it does is not accurate. It can also create conflict in your relationship when the other party finds out you have been less than honest.

Be flexible

While you may have your thoughts on what you want a prenup to include, you are not the only person that will be affected by its terms. Your partner may not agree with you on every condition or decision, so flexibility can be crucial in creating an agreement that reflects both people’s wishes.

Further, if your partner wants more time to think about things or is hesitant about a prenuptial agreement in the first place, being flexible can allow them room to explore their options and share their thoughts.

Call in the professionals

You need not have all the answers yourself, and you can get help in assessing your needs and circumstances. Because of this, calling in the professionals from the beginning can be helpful.

Each person should speak with an attorney before signing a prenup. You may also want to consult financial professionals to assess, value and explain the assets involved. With this type of support, you can secure a valid, effective agreement in place before you get married.

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