Using Mediation to Protect Your Children in Divorce

| May 11, 2018 | Divorce |

For most couples facing divorce, the children are the most important thing to consider. Parents need to make sure their kids get the best outcome possible in terms of child custody, parenting plans and child support arrangements.

However, in addition to considerations of custody and support for the kids, parents should consider protecting their children through the actual process of the divorce. When it comes to protecting your children in your divorce, how you go about resolving your contentious divorce issues can be just as important as the outcome of these matters.

The Method of Divorce is as Important as the Issues You Will Deal With

A recent article in discusses some techniques for shielding children from conflict in a contentious divorce. There are some good, common-sense tips in this article, including not leaving divorce papers around, handling contentious matters discretely and the importance of fathers staying involved in the lives of their children.

Although it is probably assumed from the website itself, the article does miss the most important way to prevent kids from being exposed to a highly contentious divorce: avoid a highly contentious divorce in the first place.

The manner of divorce you choose is as important as the substantive issues you work through in the divorce. For many couples, resolving issues in mediation is much better than dealing with them in the traditional courtroom proceedings.

By handling your divorce matters through mediation and negotiation, you can come to agreement in a more private, less contentious setting. The courtroom is built around a fundamentally adversarial process, so avoiding this environment as much as possible will minimize the exposure of your kids to the details of your divorce.

Your children are important. Do everything you can to prevent them from being dragged through your divorce.

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