Ex-spouse not paying support? Don’t give up.

| Feb 26, 2018 | Alimony And Spousal Support |

The story is common: A spouse fails to pay child support. The receiving spouse takes legal action and things escalate.

For many people whose spouses are not paying child support or spousal support as they’ve been ordered, the outlook is grim. It seems like there is very little that can be done legally to get them to make the payments.

A Recent Story of an Extraordinarily Committed Deadbeat

According to a recent story in Global News online, a man was finally caught and will face trial after years of going to extraordinary lengths to avoid his responsibility.

The father was ordered to pay child support all the way back in 1989. He claimed he was unable to work and thus could not afford the order, which was then reduced. Then, it was discovered that he was operating a very successful internet business which he ultimately sold for $2 million. Subsequently the support order was increased significantly.

In response, the man fled the country.

Recently he was found in Calgary, Canada, living under a fake name.

He has been arrested and will face charges for avoiding his child support obligations.

What We Can Lear From This

The first takeaway from this story is that support orders can be modified. On both sides, the story shows the court changing the support order to accommodate the changing circumstances. If you need your support orders changed, this is a hopeful sign.

The second – and most important – takeaway is that you should never lose hope. This case took decades, and it is highly unlikely your spouse will go to such lengths. In the vast majority of cases, the non-paying spouse is found easily and the situation is remedied.

Do not be afraid or discouraged if your spouse isn’t making the ordered support payments. Talk with an experienced lawyer you trust and stay persistent in protecting your rights.

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