Georgia property division can be done your way

| Jan 12, 2018 | Property Division |

It is rarely easy to unravel the lives of two people who have been married. There are often fundamental differences over how to separate and divide the assets the couple accumulated during their marriage.

A recent magazine article laid out some of the “secrets” of marital asset distribution in an equitable property division state such as Georgia.

One of the not-so-secret secrets in the article: you and your spouse can negotiate terms and agree to a property division settlement that makes sense for you. These complex matters don’t have to be left up to a judge who doesn’t know you or your priorities.

You can sit down with your family law attorney and go over what is most important to you and then negotiate fair terms of a settlement with the other party.

Fathers’ and children’s rights advocate and family law professor Anne P. Mitchell told Readers’ Digest that “Settling out of court will always save you on court costs and legal fees, plus you will avoid the stress and uncertainty of going to court.”

Perhaps even better than saving money: satisfaction with the terms of divorce is higher when people shape their settlements rather than having terms imposed on them by the court.

Another cost-saving factor is that when a skilled attorney helps resolve disputes over property, spousal support, child support and the like, tempers are kept in check and expensive court battles are kept to a minimum.

“The more that anger comes into play, the more expensive and heart-wrenching the divorce process will be,” said a family law attorney.

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