New app to tell if spouse is cheating: Good idea?

| Dec 28, 2017 | Divorce |

The issue of infidelity is a big one for many couples seeking divorce. In fact, many spouses would want to stay together in almost any situation except infidelity from their partners. It’s one of the most important issues to the majority of married people.

In fact, many people are dealing with an emotionally difficult marriage or partnership and the only reason they stay together is the assumption of fidelity in the sexual relationship. But what if you have your suspicions that your spouse is cheating? What if you could find out for sure, without hiring a private investigator, without physically manipulating any devices and without spying?

New Technology to Find Out if Your Spouse is Having an Affair

There are cell phone applications that will let you intercept your partner’s texts, videos and other communications, without your partner knowing.

Imagine being able to read your husband, wife or partner’s text messages. If there was some infidelity, you would almost certainly know about it.

Some Pros and Cons of This New Technology

There are some obvious benefits. For people who need to know, it would help to discover their partners’ coming and going.

On the negative side, however, there are some significant red flags about this tech:

  • It might be illegal: We’re not criminal defense lawyers, but it seems entirely probable that this type of spying would be considered an invasion of privacy.
  • If could hurt your divorce case: If you are spying on your spouse, it could hinder your negotiation position in all aspects of your divorce.
  • It might ruin an otherwise salvageable relationship: This might be the most important factor. If your spouse is not cheating on you, and then discovers that you have been spying, it might be the last straw to an already unsteady relationship. It’s probably better to just have that difficult conversation with your partner, rather than spying.

If you think your spouse might be cheating on you, remember that intercepting text messages represents but one among a multitude of options. Working with an attorney or a private investigator would be two options that are certainly legal and far less problematic.

Before taking any steps, talk with your attorney. Get the help you need to make smart decisions about your future.

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