Courtroom dramatics are great on TV, not so great in family law

| Nov 23, 2017 | High-Asset Divorce |

Few things are more dramatic on TV than a taut courtroom scene. From pioneering TV characters such as Perry Mason and Ben Matlock to more modern attorneys Alicia Florrick and Professor Annalise Keating, courtroom speeches, breakdowns and confessions have populated some of television’s most popular shows.

While going to trial on TV is almost always good for ratings, in real life and family law, it often makes more sense to negotiate terms of a divorce and agree to a settlement — including the division of assets and debt — than it does to fight it out in a Fulton County courtroom. 

One of the best ways to negotiate a settlement of property division in a Georgia divorce is to enter mediation. Typically more cost-effective and less contentious than litigation, mediation can help resolve often difficult disputes in matters such as child custody, child support, spousal support (alimony) and marital property division.

We recently shared some basics about the mediation process in a blog post.

Another common way of avoiding court is to negotiate and resolve matters in discussions and meetings between family law attorneys and clients. Together they create written settlement agreement which is then submitted to the court for approval.

In some situations, even a skilled family law attorney is unable to get the other side to agree to reasonable terms, however. In those cases, litigation becomes inevitable. Unfortunately, going to court in a divorce can be costly and time-consuming. Perhaps worst of all, the terms of the divorce are left up to the court rather than the divorcing spouses.

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