Challenges in determining child support in Georgia

| Nov 8, 2017 | Child Support |

Child support can be complicated even in the most simple of cases. Whenever there is anything to complicate matters – and there usually is – determining child support in a divorce or separation becomes even more challenging.

Understanding the various challenges in Georgia child support determinations will help you approach your case with more knowledge and greater ability to protect your financial future.

Keep in Mind the Most Important Factors in Child Support Determinations

The most important thing for people to remember is that child support does not occur in a vacuum. The court will consider all relevant factors to make a child support determination. In cases where the child support determination is agreed upon in mediation, the court will consider the various factors to make sure the agreements are equitable for everyone involved.

As mentioned on our website, some factors that can complicate child support determinations can include children with special needs, unusual child custody and visitation arrangements and other related factors.

What You Can Do to Prepare For Your Child Support Determination

The first thing you can do to help your cause is to gather all of your relevant financial information. With a better understanding of income, assets and liabilities, your attorney can help you understand the range in which you can expect a child support determination to land.

Another important step is to consider any special circumstances that could require deviation from the normal range of possible child support payments. If you are the spouse to receive support, there may be good reasons to petition the court to provide you with more than the standard amount. Conversely, if you are the paying spouse, there may be circumstances that favor a downward deviation.

Although child support is primarily focused on making sure the children get the provisions they need, the final decision regarding child support will impact all other aspects of your financial future, so it is important to take this aspect of your divorce or separation seriously.

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