Never use social media during a divorce

| Oct 17, 2017 | Divorce |

For both men and women living in the state of Georgia, the divorce rate is higher than rates in other parts of the United States. There are several tips for divorcing couples to follow when going through a divorce. However, one people often overlook is the use of social media. Users have a tendency to overshare on these platforms, and in a divorce, too much information can be a person’s undoing.

Risk to child custody

If a person and her or his spouse cannot agree to a child custody arrangement, it is up to the court to decide. Both sides may present evidence as to why their specific arrangement works, and this can include supplying evidence to discredit the other parent. Photos on Facebook, such as one parent out partying or drinking, may be enough for a judge to decide the parent is not fit to watch over a child. These photos can even come from friends tagging the parent, so it is best to simply stay off social media or disable accounts temporarily.

False image of spending

Spouses may battle for alimony during a divorce, and one spouse may submit evidence as to why he or she should receive such an amount. However, people can post images of buying extravagant items on Facebook. The person may still not have a lot of money, but this evidence can work against them.

Jump the gun on the announcement

While there are many financial aspects to consider for a divorce, it is still an emotionally trying time. People need to handle the initial announcement wisely, and spouses do not want to make family members or friends feel left out. People should tell loved ones in person or over the phone. A parent should not hear about a divorce through a Facebook post or a tweet, so people should be smart about how they use social media.

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