Discussing future property division issues today

| Jun 9, 2017 | Property Division |

Brides.com tends to focus on the finery and fun of weddings, with articles about rings, dresses, honeymoons and more. But sometimes the site addresses topics that are not always easy for couples to talk over as they prepare for their big day.

A recent example can be found in an article dispensing advice on how engaged couples can have a conversation about prenuptial agreements that are designed to reduce conflicts in divorce over property division. Brides.com poses a good question: “what is sexy or romantic about deciding how you’ll divide your assets in the event of a divorce?”

The answer to that question is likely to be, for most couples: Nothing.

Regardless, it makes sense for many Georgia couples to have the conversation at some point in the run-up to their wedding day.

One family attorney quoted in the article said that because many people perceive prenups in a negative light, it might be better to begin a pre-wedding conversation about property division with questions about how the two of you will handle future finances. Discuss investments and bank accounts and the like, which might well make it easier to segue into a conversation about dividing assets should your marital status change somewhere down the road.

After all, the attorney says, a prenuptial agreement is really a form of financial planning. And there’s nothing wrong with thinking ahead about how you and soon-to-be will handle money.

For those contemplating creation of a prenup and for those grappling with complex property division issues in an impending divorce, a conversation with a Georgia family law attorney can help make your options clear.

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