Trends in millennial divorces

| Mar 5, 2017 | Property Division |

For Georgia residents of any age or generation, a divorce is generally an emotionally and a financially life-changing event. However, the way in which people in different age groups approach divorce may well be different. The millennial generation is finally coming to an age where some have not just gotten married but are actually now getting divorced.

For people in this age group, some interesting trends are being noticed. One of these is a more receptive attitude to alternatives to litigated divorce like divorce mediation. Also seeing an uptick among the millennials is the interest in identifying custody for furry, four-legged children and other pets. Prenuptial agreements may also be more enticing to people in this generation.

One of the potential worrisome trends among millennials getting divorced is the ease with which spouses accept financial losses and even a more difficult financial future. Without the perspective of an older person, retirement looks too far away to be a real issue so husbands and wives more readily let go of retirement assets and instead push harder to keep their homes. This may well not be in their best financial interests down the road. These types of choices may set people up for financial problems in some cases.

Divorcing spouses of any age in Georgia may find it helpful to talk with an attorney before finalizing any agreement in a divorce. This may offer insight into how to protect one’s financial future.

Source: The Nashville Ledger, “Think long term when divorcing in 20s, 30s,” Holly Deese, March 3, 2017

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