Social media and divorce

| Jan 15, 2017 | Property Division |

Georgia residents going through a divorce or perhaps contemplating a divorce may look for various sources of information on their spouses. One of these sources today is social media. That’s right. Social media is not just for fun anymore, especially when a marriage sours.

Forbes explains that Facebook, Instagram or other social sites can often be rife with clues about one spouse’s financial status. During a divorce, both parties are required to fully disclose all of their financial interests, income and expenditures. This is an integral part of the ultimate property division and potentially even support awards that may be made. Some people try to find clever ways of hiding some of their information to reduce their losses or the amount of money they may need to pay the other person.

Posts or pictures about vacations, promotions or new jobs can raise flags when the information provided in the divorce does not seem in line with what is shown on social media. This may prompt further investigation. People looking on social sites for such clues should always remember that this is a two-way street. Therefore, caution about what is posted is urged for all divorcing parties and their friends and family members who may post things about them.

It has also been suggested in a study published in Computers in Human Behavior that people who more heavily use social media may be more unhappy in their marriages. CNBC notes marital problems could arise from a virtual addiction to social media. Additionally, it may be that social media is a person’s outlet in times of marital challenges or during a divorce.




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