Tips for positive co-parenting after a divorce

| Oct 13, 2016 | Child Custody |

One thing that divorcing parents in Georgia must come to terms with is the fact that while a divorce can end their marriage, it does not eliminate the need for them to work together with each other to raise their children. Co-parenting after a divorce is an art unto itself and can require a high level of flexibility and patience on the part of both parents. 

Psychology Today recommends that by keeping the children as the clear focus, parents may have an increased ability to work collaboratively because it makes the kids’ best interests the priority. Identifying how to effectively communicate is important for divorced parents. If communication is a challenge and even contentious at times, parents may wish to use websites or apps developed to help keep both parents informed about things but reduce the amount of direct contact they must have with each other. This can help to cut down on the level of conflict which helps parents and kids alike.

It is also important for moms and dads to avoid speaking negatively of each other to their children. Encouraging kids to love and bond with both parents is good for the kids. Hearing one parent speak ill of the other puts kids in the middle and can be very stressful for them. When and where possible, rules and schedules should be consistent in both homes as well. 

To learn more about working together with your former spouse after your divorce, please feel free to visit the co-parenting page of our Georgia family law website.

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