Why mediation is a great tool for high-asset divorce

| Aug 31, 2016 | Divorce |

For many divorcing couples who have amassed a significant degree of wealth, mediation might not seem like the best choice. On first blush, it would appear that a high-asset divorce should be more contentious, and the courtroom would be the only appropriate venue for a divorcing couple to battle over every detail.

However, if anything, mediation and other non-litigious methods of divorce can be especially beneficial in high asset divorce. Learn how mediation can be an asset in your divorce.

The Benefits of Mediation in High Asset Divorce

There are some significant benefits for using mediation in divorce, especially as it relates to wealthy couples:

  • Mediation could be a time and cost saver: Although it’s not true in every case, mediation frequently moves much more quickly and efficiently. The courts are routinely backed up with case loads, so it helps to work out the details outside of the normal courtroom procedures.
  • Mediation allows you to retain control over the process: Mediation can be scheduled around your schedule rather than around the court’s schedule, allowing you to keep the process moving without hindering your life.
  • Mediation give you more control over the outcome: With the complex nuances involved with high-asset divorce, mediation is a great tool for dealing with these complexities. In many cases, a judge will make a ruling that doesn’t carefully consider all of the individual quirks and nuances that are involved. In a high-asset divorce, these nuances can be extremely costly.

If you are considering a divorce, mediation could be one of best procedural options available. Make sure you talk with an experienced lawyer to discussion the best way to proceed.

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