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June 2016 Archives

Use caution with social media during divorce

Most of us these days use social media as an outlet to express themselves. Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms can be a great way to express our feelings to many people we know. However, this approach can be extremely dangerous during a divorce.

Who gets the student loans in the divorce?

The discussion about the division of marital debt during a Georgia divorce may be just as contentious as the conflict over assets. According to Forbes magazine, if you or your spouse took out student loans to help pay for your education while you were married, these debts could be considered a divisible marital liability.

Adolescents and divorce

As the parent of a teenager, you may believe that your Georgia divorce will not be as emotionally traumatic because of your child’s age. However, while younger children do typically have fewer coping skills to deal with the separation, teenagers may suffer just as acutely. We at the Siemon Law Firm are aware of the adjustments that young adults face during a divorce.

Is fraud a threat to your divorce settlement?

Whether or not dishonesty was a factor in your marriage, it is essential to do what you can to prevent it from affecting property division during your divorce. Unfortunately, if you are in the middle of a high asset divorce, there may be many opportunities for your spouse to adjust figures or hide assets to keep from having to share them with you in the final agreement. According to Forbes magazine, statistics indicate that committing fraud during a divorce is all too common.

Is your summer parenting schedule fair?

While you and your child’s other parent are debating the details of your parenting plan during your divorce in Georgia, the natural structure of the school year naturally defines much of the schedule. However, the weeks of summer vacation provide more flexibility, and provides suggestions for ways that you and your child’s other parent may divide this time in the parenting plan wisely.

Preparation is key in divorce

When we watch others go through divorce, things may seem pretty simple and straightforward. They file for divorce, negotiate the terms and wait for the judge to sign off. Before you know it, they are off on a weekend trip celebrating their split.

Financial attitudes affect marriage – and divorce

If you have never discussed your feelings about money and finances with your significant other, you may discover a source of conflict after you sign your Georgia marriage license. A candid discussion about money can be difficult, though, because of the emotional issues that may be attached to finances. We at the Siemon Law Firm have often provided advice to couples who are dealing with the money issues at many stages throughout their marital relationships.

When does a change warrant a modification in custody?

When the judge issues the final custody order in your divorce, this decree is based on the best interests of your child based on the circumstances at the time. Although your case is closed, explains that there may be grounds for filing a new case to have child custody or visitation modified. Georgia family law includes guidelines to help you understand when taking such an action may be worthwhile.

What information belongs in your parenting plan?

Your child’s busy school and activity schedules may seem complicated for you and your spouse to navigate. However, when a divorce is pending in Georgia, the parenting plan arrangements you must develop may be much more complex. The Maryland Judiciary explains that the Georgia statutes allow you and your spouse to each create your own parenting plan and submit it to the judge for the final decision. Alternately, you may work together to submit one that you both agree is in your child’s best interests.

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