What you should know before divorcing a narcissist

| Apr 21, 2016 | Property Division |

Taking steps to initiate a divorce may be a difficult decision for anyone in Georgia. Even aside from the emotional upheaval that is typically experienced by both spouses, the division of marital property and debt has the potential to leave a person in a less stable financial position. When one spouse has the characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder, the other may benefit from taking certain measures to prevent more devastating financial fallout.

According to PsychCentral.com, a narcissist displays several characteristics that deviate from normal behavior and affect the way he or she thinks, feels and interacts with others. These include a lack of empathy, an arrogant or disdainful attitude and a sense of entitlement. Narcissistic people may also believe that their achievements are naturally superior, and they may exploit others to get what they want while expecting people to hold them in high esteem. Narcissists often have trouble with impulse control, as well.

Forbes magazine points out that these traits can be particularly harmful during a divorce. For example, they could lead to a refusal to negotiate or comply with proper legal procedures. A narcissist may bully a spouse, hide assets or otherwise attempt to manipulate the system.

Experts recommend that the spouse of a narcissist plan ahead by acquiring all the financial documentation that identifies assets before filing for divorce or separation. Setting back money and applying for a line of credit may be essential in covering expenses while waiting for the final court order. Hiring a financial planner and attorney may help the spouse of a narcissist to achieve a fair settlement.

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