Parallel parenting: Is it right for you?

| Mar 24, 2016 | Child Custody |

It may be that you and your child’s other parent are having trouble leaving behind the acrimony of your divorce in Georgia. If so, the resulting conflict could make co-parenting your child difficult. Any custody issues that require communication could become occasions for disputes. In these situations, the American Bar Association often recommends parallel parenting.

To reduce or eliminate the problems that come with confrontation, parallel parenting creates boundaries that are maintained through alternative channels of communication. You and your child’s other parent may want to try keeping a journal of noteworthy visitation topics such as health or behavior issues, and routines or other techniques for maintaining healthy balance. Passing this journal back and forth without personal comments is one way you may be able to reduce the emotional strain that conflict places on your child.

Writing in a visitation journal may still create too many opportunities to express hostility, even though the information presented is supposed to be neutral. If so, you may want to examine various online tools for creating straightforward communications that are only about the child. These are often designed so that you can upload schedules, contact information, health records and expenditures directly to the site. Then, you and your ex-spouse would interact with the program rather than each other.

Once you and your ex-spouse are no longer scrutinizing each other’s parenting styles, you may both be able to develop your parent/child relationships more freely. This information may provide some insight into conflict resolution tools parents use after a high conflict divorce, but it should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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