Including special days in the visitation schedule

| Mar 17, 2016 | Child Custody |

One of the essential tasks that you and your child’s other parent must undertake during a divorce in Georgia is creating an effective co-parenting plan. Visitation is based on what is in your child’s best interests, which includes developing and maintaining a healthy parent-child relationship with both parents. At the Siemon Law Firm, we often provide guidance about how the schedule may be tailored to meet the needs of the situation, including how certain occasions other than primary holidays may be best divided.

It is important to anticipate as many special days during the year as possible so that you or your spouse does not discover a cause for conflict later. points out that the visitation schedule for holidays that involve more than one day, such as three-day weekends, do not necessarily have to override the regular weekend schedule. You and your child’s other parent may agree that it is preferable to let the parent with the weekend have the extra day, or you may decide to alternate them as you would the larger holidays.

Religious observances may have special meaning that you or your spouse feels strongly about sharing with the child, and who will have visitation for these should be included in the schedule. You or your spouse may also have a preference for how your child spends weekdays when there is no school. For example, an unused snow day or a teacher preparation day may be an opportunity to provide your child with a special outing. Developing a parenting plan that meets the needs of everyone involved is an important part of eliminating conflict and creating a healthy environment for your child. More information about children and divorce is available on our Web page. 

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