Georgia property division is not always a simple matter

| Jan 20, 2016 | Property Division |

Divorce is rarely a friendly event and some issues are more hotly contested than others. One of these issues is property division, which many Georgia couples find challenging to say the least. Like child custody, property division can quickly ignite tempers and send an otherwise relatively peaceful divorce escalating into chaos.

One way to get a handle on the issues that can turn the property division process into a battle is to seek legal counsel early in the proceedings. An experienced law firm can assist you in achieving a fair and equitable settlement.

The Siemon Law Firm located in Forsyth, Georgia, is one such firm with the experience to ensure your interests remain protected. Each attorney with our firm is dedicated to total client advocacy. This means we consistently work towards a goal of maximizing the property and assets you deserve while minimizing your debts.

Georgia is an equitable distribution state, but this does not necessarily mean assets will be split 50/50 in a divorce. Many issues affect the way property is distributed including individual financial status, marital conduct and alimony. When couples cannot reach an agreement, a judge will step in to divide the assets at his or her discretion. Without proper legal counsel, you could be left out in the cold, bereft of the property you rightly deserve. An attorney with experience can help make sure this is not your fate.

We urge you to browse our comprehensive website to learn more about the process of dividing marital property in the state of Georgia. Our attorneys are also available to answer your questions about any of your family law concerns.

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