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Domestic violence: dealing with a pernicious evil

| Mar 19, 2015 | Family Law |

One tangent of family law that often deals with sad realities in Georgia, and nationally, is domestic violence, which is flatly egalitarian in that abuse is inflicted on victims of every demographical group.

A proven and empathetic family law firm is well attuned to abuse-related concerns and considerations that require input from law enforcement personnel and/or the courts.

One core reality concerning episodes of family violence is that a long history of recurrent abuse frequently precedes a victim’s formal calls for help. In many instances, for example, an attorney’s filing for a protection order on behalf of a violence victim comes only after a long-realized pattern of abuse

What that often means is this: A victim (most often a female, but males in some instances, as well) must often make plans to leave an abuser.

That can require considerable strategizing and stealth, as noted by WomensLaw.org, a victims’ advocacy organization. That group offers a number of online tips that are generally instructive for any person who seeks to safely get away — often, with children in tow — from an attacker.

As noted on a relevant page of the WomensLaw.org website, “Getting a protective order can be an important part of a safety plan.” So, too, notes the advocacy group, can be a timely consultation prior to leaving an abuser with a proven family law attorney concerning child custody-related issues.

Domestic violence is truly a sad thing that must be addressed directly and forcefully to reduce its pernicious effects both in a given case and across the country generally.

Persons with any questions or concerns regarding domestic abuse might reasonably want to speak candidly and confidentially with an experienced family law lawyer.

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