Myriad reasons for why couples slog it out in unhappy marriages

| Dec 17, 2014 | Divorce |

You — and perhaps your partner, as well — might flatly know that your marriage is a failed enterprise, despite your good-faith efforts over a sustained period to make it work.

So, you resolve to divorce, but, pursuant to that decision, take note of all the couples you know that seem to be doing just fine in their partnerships. Many of them might even seem routinely blissful.

Is something wrong with you? Why is your marriage unhappy and destined for closure when so many people around you seem to be thriving in their married unions?

A bit of elucidation on that point and concern is offered by a study of 2,000 married parents who were surveyed on their attitudes regarding their relationship.

According to the results of that analysis, the prism through which you are viewing the marriages of others might be just a bit out of focus. In fact, it might need a major readjustment based on an infusion of reality.

That reality is reportedly this: About one of every four married couples with children is staying married only because they believe it promotes the kids’ best interests.

In other words: If not for the kids, they’d be in family law court, focused firmly on dissolution.

As we have noted in many past blog posts, divorce in Georgia and elsewhere is anything but a cookie-cutter process, with the same being said about marriages.

That is, every marriage is unique, meaning that there are nearly limitless reasons why an unhappy couple persists in attempts to work through problems and maintain their marital status.

The above-cited study notes some of the most-mentioned reasons offered by unhappy couples for not seeking a divorce. Unsurprisingly, children and money factors loom especially large.

Divorce means something different to every couple. Talking with a proven family law attorney can help clarify important points and potential strategies in a given case.

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