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Making sure all child support bases are covered under Georgia law

| Dec 12, 2014 | Child Support |

Some might consider it crass to focus so much divorce discussion around money. It’s an emotional matter, after all. But the reality for Georgia couples going through the process is that the financial aspects pose perhaps the greatest stumbling blocks to bringing a marriage to an end. And where children are involved, the issues have a way of being magnified.

Not only do the parents have to make the adjustments of splitting their combined incomes. They have to work through how to cover the expenses of living in two separate households. And every child dependent they share has to be looked after as well. To be sure everyone is treated fairly, and most especially that the children’s best interests are taken into account, due attention to finances is a must.

In Georgia, the process for setting child support is one that is framed by some specific guidelines. These are meant to flesh out a worksheet that outlines who will pay what to whom. It’s not simply a matter of plugging in numbers and submitting the paperwork for approval from the courts. Factors that can adjust the final outcome can be, and often are, presented. And a lot can ride on how well the case is made to a judge.

Even after a determination is made, there can be challenges that surface. If a parent refuses to make good on the court’s orders, enforcement action may be required. The state is positioned to act in this regard, but sometimes that isn’t enough and the help of a private attorney may be called for in order to deal with the non-compliant parent.

At the same time, change is a fact of life. Conditions in place at the time of the divorce may not remain that way down the road. You may lose your job. You might need to move out of state to take a new opportunity, forcing adjustments in custody and visitation arrangements. A modification to the support plan may be required too.

Regardless of the child support issues you face, the attorneys of The Siemon Law Firm in Alpharetta, Atlanta and Cumming have the experience and resourcefulness to help you deal with them.

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