Identifying, curtailing domestic abuse: Education must come first

| Sep 24, 2014 | Family Law |

Any television watcher in Georgia or elsewhere across the country with avid viewing habits well notes that a highly singular and specific subject has been dominating the airways recently, on both local and national programs.

That subject is domestic violence, which has been a lead story on news broadcasts and talk shows for several weeks running.

The National Football League in particular is being prominently featured in what is now essentially a national debate on family violence, with the league being under a withering spotlight.

Although it is likely not the case that football players are especially prone to committing acts of domestic violence, such likelihood is essentially irrelevant when league participants are high-profile figures. Each reported act of domestic abuse that traces back to the NFL — especially these days — quickly becomes a front-page item in media outlets across the country, including in Georgia.

While deploring reported acts of violence, some commentators on the subject are openly welcoming the increased magnitude of interest — indeed, the growing national obsession — that now marks abuse-related stories. With domestic violence tales now serving as prime news stories, there is obviously an enhanced opportunity for debate, education and, hopefully, curtailment of abusive conduct in family relationships.

Indeed, it is education that one national provider of legal information stresses first and foremost in a discussion on family abuse, noting that “understanding the definition of domestic violence can help [a victim or concerned third party] take action against it.”

We will take a close look at the main points made by that above source in our next blog post.

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