Kids and divorce: Often, the glass is more than half full

| Jul 3, 2014 | Divorce |

Perhaps you are a child of divorce in Georgia and contemplating what that’s all about.

Obviously, you are far from alone in that description, given the scores of millions of similarly situated people across the country.

Still, every divorce is unique, and lingering questions often persist for children who look back on their parents’ failed marriages. Those questions can take a long time to get answered satisfactorily.

A recent media article addresses what it terms “invaluable life lessons” that are often imparted through divorce, and we pass along a select few observations from the piece for the instructive value they generally seem to have. Above all, the points that are centrally made stress the resiliency of most American families and the role that divorce often plays in enabling children to see their parents in a well-rounded way.

“[T]here are some silver linings that come from your parents’ split,” notes the Huffington Post.

Here’s one: A divorce might well have taught children that a frankly bad situation that is undermining a family does not have to be endured and that, following a marital dissolution, live moves on, often with improved prospects. In fact, and looking back on divorce, many children see their parents in a new light, appreciating that they acknowledged and worked their way through failure, while striving for future success.

Here’s another: For many American families, it is often better the second time around. That is, many newly comprised families following divorce are often cemented by a clear understanding of what didn’t work the first time. That can breed compromise, patience and conciliation. Moreover, many moms and dads learn to relate and interact with each other in new and mature ways post-divorce, when they are no longer floundering in a failed spousal relationship.

For the above-cited and many other reasons, divorce spells far more than a simply failed ending to many families. It also marks a new beginning.

Source: Huffington Post, “11 reasons your parents’ divorce isn’t so bad after all,” Renee Jacques, June 25, 2014

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