Mediation may offer a positive alternative to traditional divorce

| Aug 2, 2013 | Divorce |

One of the most difficult decisions to make in life is whether or not to leave a marriage. Many Atlanta residents will commit themselves to another at one point or another with the intention of staying together forever. Often times adultery, irreconcilable differences and other factors may cause a relationship to fail, leading many to divorce. While a majority of people have found happiness after a divorce is finalized, the journey is still long and emotionally difficult.

For most couples, a positive alternative to the traditional divorce litigation is available that can often reduce the duration of a divorce and provide cost-effective results. Couples who turn to mediation to dissolve their marriage can often save time and money. Mediation works by appointing a neutral third party to facilitate a divorce proceeding. The mediator will often attempt to solve everything from child custody to property division. In order to achieve the most civil and effective mediation, leaving emotions out of the process can further results.

Leaving feelings out of a divorce can often be extremely difficult for many people, especially those married 10, 20 or over 30 years. While it may be hard to achieve, it can work out in the long run. Ultimately, a negative demeanor can only harm a divorce proceeding instead of improving it. Marriage is essentially a contract — divorce is just the way to terminate it. By going into mediation with the most positive attitude possible and wiliness to achieve an agreement, the sooner one can be on their way to finalization.

While mediation may not work for every couple, it is worth a try for many. When mediation doesn’t work, family law courts are available to settle disputes.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Your Demeanor Can Affect Your Divorce Mediation,” Diane L. Danois, July 23, 2013

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