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Mediation in Georgia: A valuable alternative in family law matters

| Mar 26, 2013 | Divorce |

Georgia courts offer alternative dispute resolution (ADR), with the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution (GCDR) citing two primary goals for such an option to resolve family law and other disputes. Those aims are (1) to free up the courts as much as possible so that they can handle more cases in a timely manner with limited resources and (2) to offer persons an avenue for resolution that is often more efficient, cheaper and less adversarial than the traditional court process.

The court-connected ADR system in Georgia has been operating for two decades and has helped to resolve scores of thousands of cases.

One of the methods commonly employed in ADR is mediation. Many law firms in the state do not offer the services of a professionally trained mediation attorney. Those that do, however, offer valuable services and an important alternative to clients seeking efficient and cost-effective resolutions to matters that can include divorce-related issues such as property division, child custody and support, alimony and many other topics.

Occasionally, a law firm is able to offer especially comprehensive mediation services through its ability to be well-versed in representing a client’s interests before a mediator and because it also has an attorney in the firm who is a certified mediator who can serve in a neutral capacity overseeing a dispute.

As noted by the GCDR, a mediator can instill confidence in a settlement process and empower the parties by letting them take the reins and make their own decisions over important family concerns.

Source: Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution, “Frequently asked questions about ADR,” undated

  • Our firm commands singular mediation and ADR experience, with the firm handling matters across a wide spectrum through mediation and with one of our attorneys being a certified mediator. For information on the firm, our attorneys and our mediation knowledge and practice, please visit our Georgia Family Law Mediation page.

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