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February 2013 Archives

Parenting Plan

A Person recently said online that they had missed their court date and their divorce had been finalized in their absence. It was not a case where there were many assets to divide so their main concern was finding out about what custody and visitation was ordered.

Playing the odds, entrepreneur sees opportunity in divorce loans

Saying that, "I wanted to see if I could make it in the biggest, toughest city there is," an enterprising Australian businessman recently set up shop in New York City to cater to a select group of clients.

Child support duties, charges: an illustrative story

Persons in arrears on child support payments in Georgia can realize quite quickly that the state's enforcement mechanisms geared toward fulfillment of payment duties are both broad and potentially quite stringent.

A few financial considerations for older divorcing women, widows

A recent financial article from CNN addresses an area that is of concern for many divorcing parties, especially those who have been married for decades and are now severing ties as they approach their retirement years.

Norwegian study links heavy drinking to divorce

When it comes to alcohol consumption and divorce, couples that drink together, stay together. A study that analyzed divorce among nearly 20,000 married couples in Norway found that compatibility as drinkers may keep couples together. Given the size and scope of the analysis, the study findings might likely be of interest and relevance throughout the United States, including in Georgia.Researchers found, as a general proposition, that couples were more likely to stay together when each spouse consumed about the same amount of alcohol. When one spouse is a heavy drinker and the other is not, divorce is more likely, as it also is when the wife is the heavier drinker in a marriage. Results of the study were published in the online edition of the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

February: a decided jump, annually, in divorce filings

For many couples and romantics, the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day in Georgia and across the country are filled with excitement, planning and anticipating the sweethearts' holiday. Spouses look forward to intimate dinners, romantic getaways and gifts. Everything about February seems geared toward romance, but it's actually the busiest month of the year for many divorces. Some spouses will be hiring a divorce lawyer even before the Valentine's Day bouquet begins to fade.

Online dating sites: Fertile ground for divorce-related evidence

Have you heard of the online dating sites or eHarmony? Do you perhaps peruse them occasionally or even have an account and active profile on one, both or some other Internet entity?

Marital contracts: "divorce insurance" providing security, assurance

When thought through rationally, many people who formerly objected on knee-jerk grounds to the idea of a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial contract in their marriage come to think of those legal instruments in quite different terms.

A but tongue in cheek, but ... try divorcing to save a few bucks

Personal finance is one of the hottest topics on the Internet today. Thousands of blogs, podcasts and apps are at your service to help you cut your spending and invest your savings. If you don't have time to analyze all that information, there's one step you can take to save money on taxes: get a divorce.Three provisions in the federal tax code favor single people over married couples: the Affordable Care Act, the maximum tax rates under the deal Congress made to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff," and the PEP/PEASE provisions that phase out the personal exemption and limit itemized deductions.

Order in child support case garners attention, to be appealed

It is certainly an extreme and outlier type of case in the realm of child support, but it is not without precedent and could gain some traction in other jurisdictions if it survives legal challenge on appeal.

Studies point to finances, job status as leading divorce indicators

Research findings increasingly indicate that, for many couples, financial strain is the predominant catalyst for marital difficulties and, ultimately, divorce. That might not strike all that many people as surprising, although a number of other factors -- lifestyle incompatibility, religious differences, disparate views regarding child rearing, education and related family issues -- typically come up big as well in divorce-related studies and surveys.

Growing popularity of Georgia's parental accountability courts

associated with the criminal justice system, especially incarceration, and actively exploring diverse alternatives to it that proponents say reduce recidivism, improve life outlooks for offenders and cost society significantly fewer dollars.

Taxes and the newly divorced: some considerations and advice

Every year around this time, newly divorced persons across the country, including in Georgia, confront a novel and, for some, frustratingly complex, experience: filing taxes for the first time in many years as an individual and not in tandem with another person as a married couple.

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