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December 2012 Archives

Eye-popping terms in former Italian leader's divorce settlement

You might want to pity the plight of Veronica Lario, the estranged wife of Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's former prime minister. Per the terms of a just-reached divorce settlement between the couple, Lario will have only $132,000 to live on.

Kelsey Grammer, ex-spouse finally settle asset, custody issues

It's hard to note what Dr. Frasier Crane, noted radio psychiatrist, would think of a couple's lingering sniping and acrimony nearly two years following their divorce.

January: for a variety of reasons, a popular time to divorce

In many instances of divorce, "People don't want to upset the apple cart over the holidays," says Alton Abramowitz, the president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

After lengthy speculation, Ashton Kutcher files divorce petition

After many months of speculation, media reports from late last week indicate that actor Ashton Kutcher and actress Demi Moore have finally proceeded to the next stage of their divorce-related saga, an actual filing of a divorce petition by Kutcher.

A columnist's advice on divorce, kids and the holiday season

David Wygant is an author and divorce columnist. Annually, and just about this time of year, he thinks back to his family's first Christmas following his parents' divorce when he was a teenager.

Opinion: the stereotype of perpetually warring ex-spouses

The author of a recent New York Times article extolled the virtues of technology in its assist to divorced couples who want virtually nothing to do with each other following a split. The article cited communication boosts such as emails, texting, video conferencing and online calendars as alternatives to face-to-face communication in helping ex-warring couples reach agreement on matters ranging from child custody issues, visitation, child support and just about everything else that a post-divorce family might contemplate.

Insurance -- always relevant -- can be a central divorce focus

Insurance is something that seems to require close attention throughout a person's life, and the concept is seldom a fixed and simple thing. As a person's age and circumstances change -- moving from a teen to an adult; getting married; having kids; buying a home; and so forth -- so, too, do the types and policy amounts of various insurance policies.

Georgia-based soldier's child custody case now before Supreme Court

A soldier and father presently based in Georgia at Fort Stewart is one of the principals in a convoluted international child custody case presently before the United States Supreme Court. As indicated by a number of media sources, the Justices appear to be somewhat conflicted and with no easy answers following oral arguments heard on the matter last Wednesday.

Courts allow man to continue international child custody battle

As many people in Georgia know, child custody cases can become especially tricky if both parents reside in different countries. Although some countries have treaties with the United States that allow our court systems to make decisions in conjunction with international courts, many times these negotiations can get muddled because of differences in laws.

How divorce can affect business partners who are married

In some cases, divorce can be a long, drawn out process that eventually leaves couples so fed up with their former spouses that even thinking about their name can cause someone to throw a lamp across the room.

Study looks at in-law relationships as key divorce predictor

Here's a flash to prospective marital mates: The future husband should start openly bonding now with the parents of his to-be wife -- especially her mom -- and the future wife should just as keenly avoid doing the same with her future mate's parents.

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