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Rock star, ex work out differences: Memorabilia auction held

| Nov 2, 2012 | Property Division |

We last left off with the dispute between Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and his ex-wife Jo concerning items to be sold at an upcoming auction in an October 1 blog entry. The couple finalized their high-asset divorce in 2011 following 24 years of marriage, but, apparently, all the material details weren’t worked out.

Specifically, Wood professed what he termed absolute surprise over his former partner’s announcement that the couple had agreed to and was jointly selling a number of rock-and-roll-related art and memorabilia at an upcoming auction. Wood’s disconcerted response to that news evidenced an obvious disconnect between the couple regarding division of assets and disagreement over “who owns what” in a clear property division dispute.

Jo Wood said that everything had been worked out and that Ronnie Wood was fully on board with the sale, the proceeds which were earmarked for charity. Wood countered that he was not involved, hadn’t approved of anything and that the for-sale items were his personal property.

What a difference a month makes.

The couple apparently worked out their differences, with the auction — a two-day affair held in Beverly Hills — concluding last week. Estimates of the proceeds raised ranged as high as $500,000 and more, with purchased items including performance outfits, guitars — one of which sold for nearly $61,000 — and autographs.

The auction house stated that the items on sale were jointly owned and part of the couple’s divorce settlement.

Source: Reuters, “Rolling Stones memorabilia auctioned after divorce,” Andrea Burzynski, Oct. 28, 2012

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