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Ex-Atlanta Falcons star Rison issued order in child support case

| Jul 16, 2012 | Child Support |

Most long-term football fans know who Andre Rison is. Rison played at a high level for a number of years in the National Football League, including a lengthy stint in Georgia with the Atlanta Falcons.

People who don’t follow pro sports might not know much — if anything — about that. Chances are, though, that they might identify Rison from a context altogether different from that, namely, the destruction of his Alpharetta mansion in 1994 from a fire set by his angry girlfriend, now deceased singer Lisa Lopes.

One way or the other, Rison’s name has consistently been in the news for more than two decades.

It is now surfacing again, this time in connection with missed child support payments.

An Arizona federal judge issued an order last Monday requiring Rison to pay more than $322,000 in missed payments extending back more than a decade. A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that Rison has made only two payments since the latter part of 2001.

“Rison has not made any voluntary payments,” she noted, adding that the only payments that were made were through employers withholding money from his checks.

Rison was indicted in August 2011 and pleaded guilty earlier this year. He was also ordered last week to complete a probationary period of five years.

Rison reportedly made nearly $20 million over his playing career. He says he has spent most of that.

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Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Andre Rison ordered to pay $322K in child support,” Joel Provano, July 10, 2012

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