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Perry, Brand high-asset divorce termed amicable

| Feb 14, 2012 | High-Asset Divorce |

Couples obviously do not always fight harder over finances and property matters during a marriage dissolution when a high-asset divorce is in play, but that is certainly a common perception.

Where multiple houses and millions of dollars are involved, negotiations often do get protracted and aggressive, with the media being full of stories that have featured the hard-fought battles of many celebrities going through a divorce.

The recent celebrity split between singer Katy Perry and comedian husband Russell Brand stands out somewhat singularly among recent high-profile divorces for the speed and reported amicability in which it was finalized.

The couple was married in October 2010, so the marriage certainly wasn’t lengthy. Yet it apparently wasn’t marked by animosity, either, with the couple having what one media commentator noted as a “very civilized Hollywood divorce.”

Reportedly, the couple did not execute a prenuptial agreement before they got married and, although both Perry and Brand are quite wealthy individually, Perry could have stood to have lost significant assets through that omission. Brand’s personal wealth has been estimated at about $20 million, but Perry’s has been reported as significantly more than double that.

The couple finalized their divorce in Los Angeles last week, entering into a comprehensive written settlement pursuant to which they waived all rights to a trial. Under the agreement, Brand agreed not to pursue any of Perry’s earnings

The couple continues to share properties in multiple states and abroad that are worth an estimated $15 million.

Source: New York Daily News, “Katy Perry, Russell Brand reach amicable divorce settlement: Comedian walks away from $20M payout” Joyce Chen, Feb. 9, 2012

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