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Former Atlanta Hawk NBA star Walker facing child support woes

| Jan 5, 2012 | Child Support |

Antoine Walker, a former NBA All-Star, appeared in court earlier this week over accusations that he hasn’t paid child support and tuition to his youngest daughter, according to news reports.

Walker is currently going through the bankruptcy process, and because of that the judge said he could not take action on the child support claims until Walker’s bankruptcy matters were resolved.

Walker had a successful, 13-year career in the NBA, where he was named a three-time All-Star and made about $110 million playing for teams that included the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks. Walker has run through all of his money, though, and filed for bankruptcy in May 2010.

The judge presiding over the child support case said a federal judge will need to decide whether the child support proceedings can continue even though the bankruptcy case remains unresolved.

This isn’t Walker’s first bout of financial troubles. Prior to his bankruptcy, the former NBA star was sued for failing to pay his debts. He was also a victim in a high-profile armed robbery in 2007, where assailants bound him with duct tape and stole his cash, car and jewelry.

The mother of Walker’s youngest child provided documents indicating that Walker owes nearly $28,000 in tuition to his daughter’s school. Additionally, he has not made his monthly child support payments — each of them amounting to $4,200 annually — in more than two years.

Walker’s bankruptcy filing listed more than $12 million in debts he says he is unable to pay back. His current child support bill owed is more than $117,000.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Antoine Walker accused of not paying child support, tuition” Naomi Nix, Dec. 23, 2011

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