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November 2011 Archives

Wrestler Hulk Hogan taken to mat in recent divorce settlement

Recent details have emerged from court documents outlining the high-asset divorce of semi-retired wrestler Hulk Hogan, who was forced to forfeit 70 percent of his liquid assets in a divorce settlement to his former wife of 26 years. The amount she will receive is nearly $7.5 million.

Focus: Returning war vets, stress disorder and domestic violence

Approximately 75 percent of American combat veterans who have sought treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after returning to the United States from tours in Iraq or Afghanistan admit to having family readjustment problems.

Judge to couple in custody dispute: Trade website passwords

A judge in Connecticut recently ordered a divorcing couple to divulge their passwords used on social networking sites in order for him to gain access and knowledge that might relate to the decision of child custody.

Child custody, visitation: When parents and grandparents conflict

Child custody and visitation matters can be among the thorniest and most complex considerations involved in a divorce proceeding and thereafter.

Important divorce considerations sometimes overlooked

The result of a recent Supreme Court case involving rights to an employer-sponsored retirement account following a divorce decree underscores the importance of securing experienced family law counsel in any divorce matter that involves substantial financial interests. That is true for residents in Fulton County and elsewhere throughout the country, and especially in a high-asset divorce.

Noted crime novelist Elmore Leonard in high-asset divorce

As we have remarked to our readers many times in prior blog posts, every divorce is unique, with the factors and considerations involved highly singular for each separating couple.

A jury's reminder: Online rants can bring criminal consequences

We have noted in a prior blog post (August 16) how an online presence not marked by discretion and probity can come back to haunt a person. Posted pictures that belie a stated reality -- think public intoxication for a person who says he or she is a reformed alcoholic, or a photo of someone who has filed for bankruptcy standing in front of a just-purchased Mercedes Benz -- can undermine credibility and have other adverse effects.

Child custody disputes increasingly centered on obesity

Courts in many states are increasingly being asked to consider a fairly new factor in their determinations of a child's best interests in a child custody dispute: obesity.

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