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High-asset divorce ruling reached six years after couple splits

| Oct 5, 2011 | High-Asset Divorce |

When we last left off with the high-asset divorce dispute between a couple often described as the one-time richest married partnership in San Diego County, it was with these words: “Final arguments in the dispute are expected to continue well into the summer months.”

We wrote that in our March 30 blog post, and it certainly turned out to be the case in the divorce drama surrounding the marital dissolution of Charles and Linda Brandes.

A California judge finally put an end to things with a ruling last Wednesday that, although providing Linda Brandes with far less than she was demanding, still left her an immensely wealthy person.

Said Judge Jeffrey Bostwick: “It should not be overlooked that Linda will exit this marriage with more than $100 million, hardly an insignificant sum.”

Indeed not. Bostwick’s ruling leaves the former spouse with $10 million in cash and $485,000 a month in spousal support. Additionally, she will have ownership of a $20 million New York penthouse, a $13 million beach home in California and several other properties.

Whether that makes Linda Brandes happy is uncertain. She was seeking a settlement worth nearly $600 million, plus monthly spousal maintenance of $735,000.

Property distribution in the case was resolved based on California’s community property law. As we have remarked in prior posts, Georgia judges distribute property based on the law of equitable distribution, pursuant to which a different outcome might be reached.

A Georgia family law attorney with experience in high-asset divorce issues can answer questions and provide diligent representation in a property division or other divorce-related matter.

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