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Mel Gibson, Grigorieva settle child custody, support battle

| Sep 6, 2011 | Child Support |

We have written before about the acrimonious child custody and child support battle between actor Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. Given Gibson’s worldwide fame, it was news at its outset and as it continued to progress through the courts and media, and it is noteworthy now at its conclusion. We provide the relevant details immediately below.

The couple reached a settlement that was disclosed in court last week. It resolves all their legal differences and provides that Grigorieva will receive $750,000 in three installments, with the last payment to be made by Gibson in 2016.

All payments are contingent on neither party breaching any of the agreement’s terms. Those terms include not speaking or writing about their relationship, making any reference to domestic abuse allegations that surfaced during their time spent together, and not discussing the heated audio recordings that were taped by Grigorieva and widely heard in newscasts and online last year.

The settlement provides further that the couple’s daughter, soon to turn 2, will be supported by Gibson at the same level that he provides for his seven other children. Gibson is required to continue to provide housing at no cost to Grigorieva and the child. The Sherman Oaks mansion they live in will be sold when she turns 18, and she will receive the proceeds. The couple shares custody of their daughter.

The settlement amount seems surprisingly low to many, given that Grigorieva reportedly agreed to a settlement last summer that was in excess of $15 million.

Her attorney denies that that his client was disadvantaged by the outcome, though, noting that she will not pay taxes on the money she will receive — unlike the case with the earlier agreement — and that the former settlement would have been paid out over a longer period and subject to various offsets absent in the current agreement. He also noted that she will live rent-free for the next 16 years.

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