For years, you couldn’t keep Terrell Owens — the you-can’t-miss-me professional football star known for both his prodigious talent and outsized personality — off the football field.

Now it seems like you can’t keep him out of court.

We first noted Owens in our July 8 blog post, when it surfaced that he was refusing to pay mandated child support to the mother of his young son. A Georgia court ordered Owens to begin paying $5,000 a month in 2007.

What many people found especially noteworthy and inexplicable about the matter was Owens’ stated inability to pay despite reports of his annual salary being in the many millions of dollars.

Owens is a Fulton County resident, and a Fulton County Superior Court denied his request to pay a lesser amount, ordering him in August to pay $10,000 owed for June and July, along with attorney fees.

That was not the end of it. Melanie Paige Smith filed a second petition for contempt against Owens earlier this month for not making his required payments for August and September. Aside from the money Owens has earned from football (he has not yet signed with a team this year), Smith alleges that he receives $666,000 each month for his role in a reality television series.

Owens was scheduled to reappear in court again this week, but has reportedly settled his arrears amount.

“We are glad it is resolved and hope we do not need to file again in the future,” said Smith’s attorney.

Related Resource: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “T.O. catches up on child support payments, avoids jail” Sept. 26, 2011