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August 2011 Archives

Divorce: People are Unique, and the Process is Seldom Cookie Cutter

One thing that family advocates, practicing divorce attorneys, therapists and other professionals occasionally remind the public of is that divorce is a process that, while having some commonalities in many cases in terms of timelines, concerns and so forth, is fact-specific and unique for each person involved in it.

Georgia Cited in Just-Released Census Report on Marriage, Divorce

New data on marriage and divorce across the United States has prompted surprise and elicited a great deal of interest from demographers, psychologists and family specialists.

Funding Cut for Georgia Colleges' Fatherhood Program Enrollees

The "Fatherhood Program" at Athens Technical College has just become the latest victim of budget cuts and dried-up funding that have already closed similar programs at 10 other Georgia colleges.

Focus: Carroll County's Child Support Problem Solving Court

Government officials and taxpayers from Carroll County and other counties throughout the state and nation are always concerned with the issue of non-custodial parents paying the child support that they owe.

Family Law Matter in Court? Best Review Your Online Presence

Social media sites are like open letters or mailboxes, with people tending to forget that some things they view as essentially private and available for scrutiny only to a few select friends can actually be seen and passed along to an audience ultimately numbering in the thousands. Truthfully, and given the sheer scope of the Internet, a picture, a comment, a download -- an indiscretion -- can be viewed by, potentially, scores of millions of people.

Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets: "Genius" is Not a Factor

If you're a Georgia resident involved in a high-asset divorce proceeding, and your soon-to-be ex is trying to convince the judge that the bulk of the assets owe to his or her innate genius in acquiring them, you likely don't have to worry unduly that you'll be shut out by not having an equally lofty IQ.

Court Magistrate: Model Seeks Unprecedented Amount of Child Support

Celebrity child support often has interesting twists and permutations. As we have noted in past blog posts, family law concepts that come to the fore in celebrity-related stories -- e.g., prenuptial agreements, child custody, paternity, spousal maintenance -- sometimes have instructive value in a manner that transcends their immediate tabloid interest. At other times, they are simply notable for being, well, notable.

Experts Note, Weigh in on Trending Fathers' Rights in Family Law

In the realm of fathers' rights in family law, there seems to be little question among experts that single fathers (divorced dads with kids or fathers of children in an unmarried-couple relationship) are much more a force to be reckoned with than they were even a few short years ago.

Airlines Loses Case Questioning Validity of Pilots' Divorces

If you're one of those people who think that your divorce or pending divorce -- the details, the underlying causes, the outcome -- is really no one else's business, especially your employer's, you'll probably be in strong agreement with the recent federal appeals court decision in a case concerning Continental Airlines and a number of its former pilots.

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