Hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in a marriage dissolution certainly qualifies as a high-asset divorce, and the details of the notably high-profile and pricey dissolution of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger are beginning to emerge.

Until today, we have not reported on the divorce proceeding of this mega-celebrity couple, precisely because much of what has been reported until recently has been written in a sensational vein and without much corroboration. In short, there has been a lot of conjecture in the media, and that doesn’t really tell readers much.

For example, some early reports stressed that the former California governor was likely to go far beyond providing Shriver with what she is entitled to under the state’s community property laws, owing to a sense of personal shame over his extra-marital conduct.

That may or may not be true. It is known that Schwarzenegger has requested that the court deny Shriver alimony payments. Some suggest that this is evidence of acrimony and a willingness by Schwarzenegger to fight. Conversely, and as suggested by many legal commentators, it might alternatively suggest that Shriver will have enough money from the settlement to live in the style she was accustomed to during marriage without need of spousal support payments.

Estimates of the couple’s wealth range from $400 million to well in excess of that. Shriver will certainly not live in want, based on the 50 percent split that community property calls for and her own sizable independent wealth.

The couple shares joint custody of their four children, and Schwarzenegger will be legally required to provide for them.

The couple has no prenuptial agreement, and their settlement terms are to be negotiated through private mediation.

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