In a prior blog post (May 5), we discussed the variance that researchers in multiple studies found between what people perceived as standard child custody outcomes and what they would do if they could decide the issue. Most people believe quite strongly that courts favor mothers over fathers and routinely award custody to the former, and that this is often wrong. Study respondents would, in most cases, award equal custody to both parents.

This evidences a strong recognition and trending opinion in favor of fathers’ rights in family law matters. A survey of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers members reveals, for instance, that more than a fifth of them note an increasing caseload involving matters in which a father is awarded sole custody, with none of the respondents seeing an increase in cases where mothers gain custody.

“Many years ago, family courts would be reticent to award custody to the father even in the face of the mother having some issues,” says one public policy expert. He adds that, “Today, fathers are expected to take on more child-rearing responsibilities.”

Organizations focused upon and promoting fathers’ rights state that men are becoming increasingly proactive about assuming primary parenting roles.

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