Authors of two new studies focused on child custody conclude that there is marked variance between custody outcomes that many people tend to view as “standard” and what most people would do if they were in a position to decide custody matters.

In other words: Whereas most of the respondents in the studies carried out at Arizona State University believed that the judicial system typically works against fathers and awards equal custody in few instances, those respondents themselves, if they could judge, would likely award equal custody to both parents in the majority of cases.

The results, researchers say, are a strong nod and reflect a growing regard for the concept of fathers’ rights in custody matters. Moreover, the view of most study participants that courts commonly do not treat fathers fairly when it comes to parenting time “suggests that family law may have a public relations problem,” says lead author Sanford L. Braver.

Researchers strongly view that the results were driven by a widespread belief that mothers are favored in custody awards more often than should be the case. “The striking degree to which the public favors equal custody combined with their view that the current court system under-awards parenting time to fathers could account for past findings that the system is seriously slanted toward mothers,” says Braver.

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