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Update, Resolution in Halle Berry’s Child Custody Dispute

| Apr 22, 2011 | Child Custody |

When we last visited the Halle Berry child custody dispute, it was to note that Berry and her ex-partner Gabriel Aubry were locked in a court battle over parenting arrangements and Aubry’s access to the couple’s young daughter.

Berry and Aubry — who were never married — split up last December, with Aubry quickly thereafter filing a petition in court to establish paternity and thereby formal recognition as the three-year-old girl’s father. He also sought joint legal and physical custody.

Berry opposed that, seeking sole custody of the child and limited visitation for Aubry. She told the court she was concerned for her daughter’s well-being under Aubry’s care. Aubry called her claims “untrue and irresponsible.”

The tale apparently has a happy ending. Although no custody terms and conditions have been disclosed, the couple said recently that they have settled their issues and that the acrimony that surrounded the custody battle no longer exists.

Berry noted that things have been resolved “in a good way” and that the court proceedings have gone smoothly. “We both know a child needs both her parents,” she stated.

The actress additionally noted that, because the couple had reached an impasse over the matter, they needed intervention from the legal system “to help us work out some of the delicate issues.”

Berry’s words can apply with equal force to family law concerns ranging from divorce and child custody/support to spousal maintenance, property division and more. An experienced divorce attorney can answer questions and provide diligent representation concerning these and other matters.

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