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McCourt’s High-Asset Dodgers Divorce Case Nearing an End?

| Apr 5, 2011 | Divorce, High-Asset Divorce |

First of all, it has been a case that put a spotlight at the outset on the need to secure an experienced family law attorney with additional acumen in high-asset divorce and relevant document drafting. This is not the first time we have reported on events in the acrimonious Frank and Jamie McCourt divorce settlement battle. As readers might recollect, the “Dodgers” divorce case boils down essentially to who owns the team. Frank has consistently stated that, most assuredly, he does. Jamie has always begged to differ, claiming that she owns fully half the team.

That has been mucked up from the beginning, as soon as Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon was presented with multiple executed agreements between the couple that outlined property division matters, most centrally who owned the Dodgers. The problem: Whereas half of the agreements stated that Frank did, outright, as separate property, the other half quite explicitly stated that each party was an equal owner.

Fingers have been pointed and confusion has reigned. For his part, Judge Gordon flat out and immediately voided the agreements, citing no meeting of the minds between the parties. In the immediate aftermath, Frank vowed that he would demand a second trial and prove quite clearly that the team belonged entirely to him. Jamie countered that half the team unquestionably belonged to her under California’s community property regime.

Since then, much of the vitriol has slacked off. Frank no longer speaks of a second trial, and Jamie has stopped talking of her desire to form a company to buy Frank out.

Legal insiders note as potentially important the one-month postponement of a scheduled April 11 hearing before Gordon, believing that the added time window that has suddenly opened is likely being used by the couple to hammer out a complex agreement that will definitively settle all outstanding issues.

We will keep readers updated on any material developments in what is an interesting high-asset divorce case.

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