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Eva Longoria-Tony Parker divorce is final, relatively amicable

| Jan 31, 2011 | High-Asset Divorce |

“Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria and San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker announced on Friday that their divorce is final. The stars’ three-year marriage was rocked by allegations of infidelity by Parker, which he denies. Longoria cited “irreconcilable differences” when she filed for divorce in November in Texas. The terms of the high-asset divorce were reportedly governed largely by a prenuptial agreement.

Longoria and Parker married in Paris in 2007. Later that year, a French model falsely claimed to have had an affair with Parker. After a $20 million lawsuit, the allegation was found to be bogus and the newspaper that printed it issued a full retraction.

Last fall, however, Longoria found hundreds of lurid text messages from another woman on Parker’s phone, she says. Both parties have admitted inattention to their marriage.

High-asset divorce resolved amicably, probably due to a prenuptial agreement

Parker and Longoria reportedly signed a prenuptial agreement shortly before their marriage and signed an amended version in 2009. Although no details have been released to the press, the agreement is likely to have governed the division of the couple’s marital property during the divorce.

When she filed for divorce, Longoria sought alimony. No information has yet been released to the press about whether the court ordered any alimony to either party.

In any event, star-watchers have reported seeing the former couple having lunch together on several occasions, so the split seems to be relatively amicable.

“The divorce documents will come through today, she is happy and moving forward with her life,” a source said of Longoria on Friday.


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