When marital discord hits a family, the entire household feels the pressure. A Georgia family law attorney will see many instances when emotions run high during a divorce. After the marriage has ended, the former household becomes two households. Divorced parents have to navigate through new child custody and visitation arrangements, and shared parenting can be challenging.

Fathers are irreplaceable for kids. The Georgia Department of Human Services encourages fathers to play an active role in the lives of their children. The state agency offers tips to fathers on how to remain a good father after a break-up or divorce.

Children whose parents show respect for one another are more likely to feel secure, so it is important for divorced parents to display respect for their former spouses in front of the kids.

Spending time with your kids is also extremely important. It is not necessary to dole out large amounts of cash to entertain the kids — just “hanging out” together is beneficial. Fathers can use the time together to act as positive role models, showing the kids how to be honest, responsible and humble. Turning off the tube and grabbing a book is also a great way to spend time with kids. Experts recommend 15 minutes of reading each day, especially with younger children.

Good fathers provide reasonable rules with discipline administered consistently and fairly. Fathers can teach their kids the difference between right and wrong, the benefits of working hard, and how to make good choices. Good fathers are active in their children’s education, because attending school functions, conferences and events can really drive academic achievement for kids.

Source: Georgia Department of Human Services, “What is a Good Father?