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Elin Nordegren Gets $110 Million in High-Asset Divorce Settlement

| Oct 27, 2010 | High-Asset Divorce |

The divorce of Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods was finalized by a Florida court on August 23, 2010, but details of the high-asset divorce settlement were just released by the website RadarOnline.com. Nordegren apparently received $110 million in the settlement agreement and the couple agreed to a shared parenting plan for their two children.

Earlier reports estimated that Nordegren was to receive approximately $100 million in the divorce settlement — a sixth of Woods’s estimated fortune. Nordegren has never discussed the settlement, but a friend revealed the total amount to the website.

The friend also claimed that Nordegren probably could have gotten a lot more money but refrained from pressing the issue.

“Elin got a lot of money, but she could have received more,” says the friend. “She wanted enough money to not change her luxurious lifestyle, but she didn’t try to take him for every penny that she could. Elin wants to get on with her life.”

Complex, International High-Asset Divorce Could Have Been Challenging

For a number of reasons, the Woods-Nordegren divorce could have been extremely acrimonious. Beyond the fact that it was a high-asset divorce, there was the widely publicized adultery scandal that prompted the split. In addition, Nordegren is a citizen of Sweden and owns a home there, leading many to speculate that she might decide to move abroad after the divorce, which could have brought up tricky international child custody issues.

“Tiger was worried Elin was going to move back to Sweden and take their children,” the friend told RadarOnline. Instead, Nordegren is reportedly considering moving to the Orlando area.

The couple apparently rose to the challenge of settling their divorce in order to spare their children from an ugly battle. In her divorce petition, Nordegren said that the marriage was “irretrievably broken” instead of citing adultery as grounds for the divorce. She submitted a July 3 divorce settlement agreement specifying property division and joint custody of the couple’s son and daughter.

“We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future,” Nordegren and Woods said in a joint statement.

Source: New York Daily News, “Tiger Woods divorce settlement: Elin Nordegren received $110M payout – report,” Corky Siemaszko, October 18th 2010

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