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September 2010 Archives

Is Top Representation in a High-Asset Divorce Case Worth $878,000?

In the first part of this series, we covered the history of the dispute between Washington, D.C., lawyer Glenn C. Lewis and his former high-asset divorce client Steve Firestone. Lewis had sued Firestone for $249,000 in unpaid legal fees and $253,000 in interest. Firestone countersued Lewis for excessive fees and legal malpractice by overbilling.

Does Getting a Divorce Doom Your Children to Failed Marriages?

A recent story in CNN Living suggests that the answer may be an emphatic "no." New statistics from University of Utah family and consumer studies professor Nicholas Wolfinger say that the risk of divorce is 50 percent higher among couples where one spouse is a child of divorced parents -- and 200 percent higher when both are. Plus, children of divorce are also 50 percent likelier to marry another child of divorce.

Former UGA Prof's International Divorce Dispute at GA Supreme Ct

An international divorce and child custody dispute involving a former UGA professor was heard last week by the Georgia Supreme Court. The case involves former Italian professor Silvia Larese and her divorcing husband Robert Bellew, who is currently a graduate student at UGA. The main question in the case is whether their divorce case should be decided by a court in Italy or in Georgia.

Couple Finds Success in Co-Parenting After Divorce

Many times in divorce, couples get caught up in their own emotions and underlying reasons behind the split when attempting to hash out custody and visitation arrangements. They often forgo the easiest, amicable path to resolution in favor of using custody to get a point across to an ex-spouse.

Dangerous Fulton County Divorcee Ordered to Maintain Distance From Son

A divorced father was banned by a Fulton County judge today from maintaining any contact with his 3-year-old son. The father is up against a first-degree child cruelty charge based on his alleged smothering of the boy years ago as an infant.The situation was given a shot in the arm last week when it was brought to the attention of Superior Court Judge Craig Schwall that the man had received visitation rights this past summer in his divorce case.

Entrepeneur Creates Divorce Insurance

Not many people would consider a divorce an inspiring event. Yet that was the inspiration behind John Logan's innovative new company, WedLock.  Logan, 53, came up with the idea for divorce insurance after going through his own costly split. "I got divorced several years ago and it was world class ugly," he said.

What Are a Father's Rights When a Son Gets Famous and Wealthy?

As we reported in July, a Washington D.C. lawyer has sued basketball superstar LeBron James and his mother for unspecified millions of dollars in damages, claiming that the pair has conspired for years to deny his paternity of LeBron. He persists in his paternity claim despite a DNA test that demonstrated he is not LeBron James's father.

Jury Rules in Favor of Billionaire in Child Support Lawsuit

When we wrote last week about Donald Bren's child support lawsuit, the outcome was not yet clear. In fact, many people speculated that the billionaire land developer would settle with his adult children in order to keep his private life out of the public eye.

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