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July 2010 Archives

How to Repair and Build Your Credit Identity After Divorce

Dividing up your shared property and finances can be one of the most complex and frustrating parts of a divorce. Most couples' financial lives are heavily entwined, with joint credit cards, shared mortgages, beneficiary relationships, wills and a host of other financial issues that impact their spouses.

New Question in Baby Vanessa Child Custody Case

Last week, we wrote about the legal issues highlighted by the tragic Baby Vanessa case. In this case, two-year-old Vanessa of California is being forced to leave the only parent she has ever known -- her adoptive mother -- and move to Ohio to live with her biological father, whom she has never known.

Would Proposed Mass. Fathers' Rights Rule Help Dads or Hurt Kids?

According to many in the fathers' rights movement, dads hardly have a chance if they want primary or even joint custody of their kids after a divorce. It's great to hear more talk about how important it is to have fathers involved in their children's lives, but family courts nationwide seem heavily biased toward granting primary child custody to mothers.

Baby Vanessa Child Custody Battle Prompts Father Registry Bill

Provoked by the tragic "Baby Vanessa" story in California, Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu is introducing new legislation to prevent child custody disputes when birth mothers lie on adoption forms. The purpose of the new bill, which would create a national putative father registry, is to protect fathers' rights while focusing on the best interest of the child in question.

Bankruptcy Won't Clear Up Spousal or Child Support Arrearages

In today's economy, everyone's dealing financial pressure. Whether you are paying or receiving spousal and child support payments, you may be facing a lot of challenges these days. Either the payor or the payee could be out of a job or dealing with reduced hours and a reduction in pay. Either way, those alimony and child support payments are probably weighing heavily on your mind.

Man Claiming to Be LeBron James's Dad Files Fathers' Rights Suit

Washington, D.C. lawyer Leicester Bryce Stovell says he is LeBron James's biological father, claims that James and his mother have conspired to cover it up, and has filed a $4 million paternity and fathers' rights lawsuit to prove it.

Ideas to Consider When Working Out a Child Support Agreement

If you and your divorcing spouse are on relatively good terms, negotiating a divorce agreement may help you save money and trouble while allowing you to personalize your own solution. Family courts routinely allow settlement agreements covering all the major areas of divorce -- property division, child custody and visitation, child support and spousal support.

Facts About Tiger Woods' High-Asset Divorce: Rise Above the Gossip

As celebrity watchers and the public devour news about Tiger Woods' infidelity scandal and upcoming divorce, it's understandable for people to be interested in the details of a high-profile, high-asset divorce like that of Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren.

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